The full-time surveillance state is coming to the District of Columbia

If this manages to survive the inevitable lawsuits then you can expect it'll become common in most major cities and suburbs before too long. I suppose it doesn't really matter as most of us carry devices in our pockets which the police could use to retrace everywhere we've been during the day with ridiculous accuracy as well. And it's still unresolved on whether they need a warrant for that information either. #seb

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License Plate Scanners Logging Our Every Move
The Washington Post reported on Sunday that the District of Columbia is engaging in widespread tracking of citizen’s movements using automated license plate readers (ALPRs). According to the Post, the D.C. police:

Are running more than one ALPR per square mile;
Are planning on sharply increasing the density of these devices until they form a “comprehensive dragnet;”
Retain the time/date/location/tag number even of innocent people for whom nothing is found to be wrong;
Store that data in a d…

2 thoughts on “The full-time surveillance state is coming to the District of Columbia

  1. Many places in the UK already use ALPR cameras for logging cars that are being driven without insurance, are stolen or by people with outstanding arrest warrants. I assume that any data of 'non-suspect' vehicles isn't stored but to be honest I have no idea.

  2. It’s known as ANPR (automatic number plate recognitionin) the UK. The data is stored for 5 years and is used by the security services as well as the police.

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