Some politicians learn what it's like to live on food stamps alone.

The problem, of course, is that the politicians who really need to know what it's like trying to survive on around $33 a week aren't participating in the challenge. The article notes that Eric Cantor had a single meal recently that cost over $300. I think the most expensive meal I've ever had was $40 and I felt kinda guilty for splurging on it. It's definitely not something I could afford to do regularly.

I've been fortunate enough that even during my occasional bout of unemployment I've not had to sign up for food stamps. I'm amazed anyone can survive for long if that is their only source of income for purchasing food. And the Republicans want to slash what little they get even more. #seb

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Elected Officials Attempt Living On Food Stamps
Jackie Spier is discovering how difficult it is to shop and buy food on just over $32.00 per week. She and seven other Congressional Democrats have taken the Food Stamp Challenge, where they commit to…

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3 thoughts on “Some politicians learn what it's like to live on food stamps alone.

  1. I’ve recently had to live off food stamps with my husband, and honestly, we used to always eat like Sandy, cheap and unhealthy, but now we’ll actually spending quite a bit more of groceries than we ever did! I love it.

  2. I can say, I never had food stamps either…though there were periods in my life where we lived off of 29 cent cants of Chicken Noodle Soup and 49 cent pot pies for months. And that was just 2 of us…I couldn't imagine having to live off of food stamps and supply food for a family of 3 or more…

  3. Socialism is EVIL.
    Yet we have police, fire, interstate highways, welfare, social security, food stamps and medicare that are funded by public money and “free” for the public to use.

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