Plans by malls to track your cellphone are on hold

…for now. I'm sure this'll come back around before too long. Anything that could potentially lead to more sales or targeted advertising almost always does. #seb

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Mall owners pull plug on cellular tracking, for now
You may now shop two malls again without fear of individualized tracking—at least by your cell phone signal. Privacy concerns raised by US Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) have ended plans by malls in southern California and Virginia to "survey" customers' shopping habits by tracking their cell phone signals.
As Ars Technica reported last Friday, Forest City, the mall developer that owns and operates the Promenade Temecula in Temecula, California and Short Pump Town Center in Richmond, Virginia…

1 thought on “Plans by malls to track your cellphone are on hold

  1. Such a ridiculous tactic. Do these two malls really think people are that stupid. This just sounded like a scare tactic to deter seedy opportunists in visiting these malls over the holiday weekend.

    How would they possibly track every shoppers whereabouts in the mall based on cell phones. This would depend on whether the shopper had their phone on them and if the phone was turned on to name just a few issues with their concept. Given these two obvious factors, how would their findings even be relevant. How much money would it cost for all vendors to even invest in this system? Just stupid all together and insulting to even think the public would believe in this concept.

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