I'm 4 years older than the world's first chip-based CPU

It's striking to compare this to the article about the 50 core processor I shared moments ago. This was the chip that kicked off the PC revolution and it's been a rocket ride ever since. #seb

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The World's First Chip-Based CPU Turned 40 Today [Techversary]
Who would have thought the future'd start with an ad in the back of Electronic News? But, on November 15, 1971 Intel announced its new 4004 processor—the first commercially available computer processor manufactured on a chip—and helped to usher in the Digital Age.
Federico Faggin, Stanley Mazor, and Ted Hoff share credit for designing the 4-bit device. The 4004 actually grew out of the specialized LSI chipset invented by Japanese firm Busicom for use in their 141-PF calculators. However, the …

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