I knew they were destroying #OWS tents, but

It's not enough the police are beating the crap and pepper spraying non-violent protestors, they're also destroying any personal belongings present as well? #seb

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What Police Officers Did To Occupy Wall Street Laptops
They're completely trashed. Apparently they were all smashed with bats.

Isaac Wilder, head of the Free Network Foundation, got access to the stuff being held by the police taken during the Occupy Wall Street raid. During the raid, all of Wilder’s stuff, including the FNF’s Freedom Tower, a thin, maybe nine-foot-tall pole, loaded on all sides with nondescript routers that had been beaming out wireless access since early on in the occupation, was confiscated. He also had his backpack with all…

4 thoughts on “I knew they were destroying #OWS tents, but

  1. Sickening that they would go in with intent to damage. They do it to kids, that makes property trivial but it drives home the point when they go out of their way to add insult to injury. I hope OWS sues the city for this kind of thing.

  2. If the low life dick heads would not sit in the way of honest workers things might be different— or the OWS could go get a job, making money, and none of this would have happened — But idiots, as YOU, have no bounds. You fucked evil bastard.


  3. Right, peacefully protesting in a public space completely justifies the beatings, pepper spraying, and destruction of private property the police have been engaging in. I’m sure it’s what Jesus would do in the same situation.

    You really aren’t doing much to improve your image as a moron, Don.

  4. I’m of two minds on this. Gatherings in a public place still have to follow the laws, including Health/Sanitation rules, which in more than a few cases are (supposedly) being violated by OWS so they’re being told to leave. Refusing to follow a lawful order *IS* resistance as far as the law goes so some escalation is to be expected. On the other hand, most of the actions being taken so far smacks of “contempt of cop” and is completely unwarranted.

    Of course, being a former jail guard in KY, my view of this whole thing is a bit skewed to begin with…

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