Herman Cain is officially a politician

He may have been a successful businessman, but he's quickly learned how to do the Washington Doublespeak which is the true hallmark of a politician. And, like many politicians, he wants to have it both ways so everyone has a reason to vote for him. #seb

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Herman Cain Is Incomprehensible In CNN Interview
Candy Crowley interviewed Herman Cain on CNN Sunday morning and his responses show he tried to have it all ways and is incapable or unwilling to give clear, concise policy positions. On immigration, Cain said states should have the right to set its own rules, but when asked if that means granting amnesty, Cain refused to say yes. Cain seems oblivious to the fact that border patrol issues are national in nature.
On the issue of illegal immigration, Cain restated his support for enforcing laws …

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