Ever wonder what happened to the Real ID initiative? #seb

Ever wonder what happened to the Real ID initiative? #seb

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The Slow, Quiet Death of Real ID
It’s a strange situation. What if they passed a federal statute that no one obeyed? Typically this isn’t a problem – there are a host of federal entities tasked with making sure that what Congress …

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3 thoughts on “Ever wonder what happened to the Real ID initiative? #seb

  1. A driver’s license is already a national ID. States can cross check with other states and its a valid ID anywhere you go.

  2. That’s not quite true – some states don’t allow other states access to their DMV databases, NY and CA are two big ones. I have to admit I’m a fed and work for the agency that administers the medicare and medicaid programs. One thing the agency has struggled with is how to positively ID people that we may be making payments to and who have access to our computer systems – I’m talking healthcare providers not benes here. Having a greater assurance of identity will help reduce fraud and shore up the Medicare/Medicaid programs. So I am torn on the issue from a fraud prevention position and also a privacy position

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