DOF on the First Amendment and OWS and police brutality

Once again he puts it all into words better than I ever could. #seb

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Violence for violence
In the face of police violence against non-violent protesters, Mike The Mad Biologist asks; Will Occupy Wall Street remain non-violent?
“I hope so. To morph into a violent movement would be both ethically wrong and tactically stupid…
What I fear is that, at some point, some activists will react violently, if justifiably so. Maybe a few people will decide to bring their own pepper spray and give the police a taste of their own medicine. Or maybe some students decide to burn the Chancellor out–…

2 thoughts on “DOF on the First Amendment and OWS and police brutality

  1. Its been violent from day one. Look at Oakland as the first of many.
    What do you expect? Homeless people have nothing to lose! If they go to jail they get free shelter and meals!

  2. IMHO, the whole point of the police action was to provoke the students into a violent response. The restraint, especially, the silence as the chancellor walked to her car was amazing.

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