Does anyone still shop in malls these days?

I'm not entirely sure how long it's been since I was last in a mall. Been many months, if not years. Not sure this should be a huge concern. I don't think there's any identifying information being gathered, but it does give them an idea of what stores are popular. #seb

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We're watching: malls track shopper's cell phone signals to gather marketing data
Online retailers have long gathered behavioral metrics about how customers shop, tracking their movements through e-shopping pages and using data to make targeted offers based on user profiles. Retailers in meat-space have had tried to replicate that with frequent shopper offers, store credit cards, and other ways to get shoppers to voluntarily give up data on their behavior, but these efforts have lacked the sort of data capacity provided by anonymous store browsers—at least until now. This …

2 thoughts on “Does anyone still shop in malls these days?

  1. We go to the mall often (mainly to Sears) and yes, there are still a TON of people that go. If all they are doing is tracking movement I don't see a problem…but like all technology I am sure someone will think of some nefarious use for it.

  2. Malls are nowhere near what they used to be, but they are still very popular. There are three popular major ones in my area and one smaller that recently got demolished after a very slow death.

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