Digital Cuttlefish’s atheist Christmas card is perfect

It captures perfectly why this atheist still celebrates a holiday devoted to a myth he doesn't believe. #seb

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Another Atheist Christmas Card
Ok, this one really takes the “let’s out-Hallmark Hallmark” and runs with it. Cuttlefamily’s first christmas cards have begun arriving–one from a cousin who has an album of christmas hymns out. Seriously. Her cards always–always–have a bible verse, and a poem that is weapons-grade glurge.
So, below the fold… weapons-grade atheist glurge. Do not click if you are insulin dependent. Do not click if you are allergic to syrup. Do not click if you have just eaten.
But if you get the same sort of ca…

2 thoughts on “Digital Cuttlefish’s atheist Christmas card is perfect

  1. Seriously? You liked this one?!? I’ve been putting up a bunch of them (I think the one at your link has links at its own bottom), and this one is so saccharine!

    Glad you like it–seriously. thanks.

  2. Oh yeah, I’m a very big sentimental sap. Just ask my wife. I get choked up at movies that are obviously trying to tug on heart strings all the time.

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