Considering importing my Google+ activity to SEB.

Part of the reason that my frequency of blogging has gone down over the past couple of years is because of my heavy use of Google Reader for keeping track of RSS feeds. Up until yesterday, Reader had a built-in sharing system where people who were following me could see what I thought was interesting from the many (many, many, many) RSS feeds I subscribe to. Technically I was including that content here on SEB in the Shared Reader Items page, though I have no idea how many, if any, of you folks ever bothered to check it. Most of you who would be inclined to do so were probably already subscribed to me in Reader already so had no need to do so.

Well, all of that came to an end yesterday with the roll out of the new Google Reader which is now integrated into Google+.  A lot of folks are unhappy with the changes to Reader as the way those shared items get imported into Google+ is much less elegant than it was in Reader. On top of that, folks have to have Google+ account to follow your shared items from Reader, but they also get all the other crap you share in G+ which they may or may not want. I’m not going to go into whether these changes are a good or bad thing in this entry as it doesn’t really matter and whats done is done.

These changes do, however, present an opportunity. I’m a big fan of Google+ and it allows for sharing of items in a very “bloggish” manner such that anything I’m not inclined to write a huge entry about on SEB I tend to share over there. Of course if you’re not a G+ member and following me there you’re missing out on all that crap. But it turns out there is a plugin for WordPress called, oddly enough, Google+Blog plugin for WordPress that will take stuff I post in G+ and import it, along with any comments it has, into SEB. ***Dave is already playing with it on his blog and I was thinking I might try it out here.

Which brings me to my question: Is that something you guys would like to see? It would certainly increase the amount of posting activity here. The entries would be a bit shorter, but would consist of things I thought were worth sharing with everyone. I can set things up so that it either grabs everything I post to Google+ (which would include some twitter type updates in addition to shared items) or I could set it up as a page similar to the old Reader Shared Items page I’m about to remove (so I’m not sure why I linked to it earlier) or I could selectively share just the crap that caught my eye in Reader. Of course, importing that stuff would be redundant if all of you regulars here are already following me over there. So, what would you guys like to see, if anything?

9 thoughts on “Considering importing my Google+ activity to SEB.

  1. Personally…I don’t care as I follow you on Google anyway. It would be a good way to keep up posting activity here though. I was the same way with FB…I stopped blogging too much and just posted stuff up there…but I rarely log in anymore and am trying to blog more again.

  2. Please don’t. G+ is just another fad like myspace, facebook, twitter and Google Buzz for people with no real-world friends.

  3. Btw, there’s a new release of the Google+Blog plugin that (a) is supposed to fix some of the odd time zone issues I was encountering, and (b) lets you selectively post from Plus based on hashtag.

    Also, Les, if you are so inclined and don’t want the stuff showing up on your front page, it’s fairly trivial to route all the stuff coming over with the specified category to … well, not show up on your front page. There’s both an option in the plug-in, as well as other plug-ins that filter out certain categories. So similar to your Reader feed page, you could do a Plus feed page (that would be your Plus category).

  4. Don’t worry, Moloch, it’s coming back. Your opposition to it was a large factor in my deciding to go ahead with it.

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