Confused Pat Robertson doesn’t know what Mac & Cheese is. Asks if it’s a “black thing.”

Seriously, who doesn’t know what the fuck Macaroni and Cheese is? I can think of at least two brands of it (Kraft and Velveeta)  that are advertised on television constantly. It goes all the way back to the 14th Century for chrissake! July 14th is National Mac & Cheese day in the United States. It’s popular in a shitload of other countries. How can he be on this Earth for 81 years and not have heard of Mac & Cheese? You’d think God might have mentioned it to him at least once in all that time.

Of course, the real stunner here isn’t his not knowing what Mac & Cheese is, but his followup question. “Is that a black thing?” Really? Really?!?

10 thoughts on “Confused Pat Robertson doesn’t know what Mac & Cheese is. Asks if it’s a “black thing.”

  1. To be fair, the black woman he’s sitting with agrees that, yes, this is “a black thing.”

    Which would come as a great surprise to my daughter and her entire age cohort, who love mac & cheese, and all the restaurants out there I visit that include mac & cheese as a side dish or, in some cases as a main course. And these are not restaurants that seem to be catering to a specifically black clientele (or a clientele of any particular ethnicity).

    But back to Pat … I certainly wish someone would convince him to retire. Half or more of his outrageous statements these days at least seem to stem more from deterioration of his faculties than from any sort of ideology. It’s actually kind of embarrassing, and does his cause little good.

    Not that he was a pillar of reason and cogitation when he was less senile, but these days it almost seems unfair to single him out, unless stuff he says seems to be gaining public traction.

  2. In Canada, the advertising is so pervasive that it’s usually called “Kraft Dinner”. Well, really “Diner Kraft Dinner” because we’re bilingual.

    In fact, Google “Kraft Dinner” for pictures. You’d be hard-pressed to even find the phrase “Macaroni and Cheese” on the boxes here.

    On the flip-side, you wouldn’t confuse a Canadian asking for it, or even just “some Mac”.

  3. Actually, to be fair, I wonder if they were talking about having mac & cheese for Thanksgiving being an odd thing (which, to be honest, does sound a little weird to me, too).

  4. Is he saying mac&cheese as a traditional thanksgiving side is weird or does he truly not know what mac*cheese is. In Maryland, a traditional thanksgiving side is sauerkraut that as someone raised in New Jersey finds bizarre.

  5. What part of this conversation is confusing to you?

    1) He never said he didn’t know what mac and cheese was. He said he didn’t know about it when it comes to having it at holiday dinners.

    2) He never said it was a black thing in general, he asked if it’s a black thing specifically in terms of having it for the holidays.

    3) The BLACK woman replied in the affirmative, that it IS INDEED a black thing to have mac and cheese for holiday dinners.

    I can’t believe that anyone is honestly confused by this video and actually things he was saying he didn’t know what mac and cheese was. Please tell me this post is satire.

  6. @ Ben Katz: You seem to be implying that I’m intentionally misinterpreting Pat’s comments by, ironically enough, deliberately misinterpreting my own. I never said I was confused, I said Pat was.

    Pat specifically says, “What is this Mac and Cheese, is that a black thing?” He didn’t say anything about not knowing it is sometimes served at holiday dinners. Granted, the woman definitely takes the question the way you suggest, but then that often happens whenever Pat says something particularly stupid. Well, sometimes they sit there with a stunned look on their face as they try to think of something to say, but often they’ll try to spin it if they can.

    And it’s not specifically a black thing to have Mac & Cheese at the holidays though it is definitely a Southern thing. The paternal side of my family hails from the South and as such I can remember a lot of holiday meals that included Mac & Cheese as a side dish. If you search for Mac & Cheese Holiday Dinner you’ll find there’s a lot of recipes, many of them on sites devoted to southern cooking, that include listings of it as a holiday dinner mainstay.

    I posted this in part because I thought it was funny as hell that Pat Robertson seems to be ignorant of Mac & Cheese. Even if he did mean as a holiday dinner side-dish, that’s still pretty fucking funny. That anyone is surprised that it’s often served at the holidays is pretty funny to me. It’s Mac & Cheese for crying out loud! That’s one of the ultimate comfort foods.

  7. When I watched it I saw the confusion on his face when “mac and cheese” was mentioned. His continued puzzlement didn’t appear to stem from wondering why it would be eaten at Thanksgiving, but that he had honestly never heard of the stuff. Maybe he’s slipping enough that “mac and cheese” didn’t translate to “macaroni and cheese,” but I got the impression that he was honestly mystified by some new and strange food that these black people eat on Thanksgiving. Since this is a man I witnessed thanking God for AIDS, I already know his elevator doesn’t rise the same is a normal person’s. I just figured that he is so out of touch with normal people that he has no idea what we eat and maybe never did. Sad. Maybe a bowl or two of yummy cheesieness would make him a nicer person.

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