Awesome high precision gaming dice.

It's a testament to my geeky gaming past that my first impulse was to buy these immediately even though I've not played a pen & paper RPG in years. #seb

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High Precision Gaming Dice Set Takes D&D To The Next Nerdy Level
This set of 12 high precision gaming dice are crafted of premium grade materials and are touted as being second only to casino dice when it comes to accuracy.
Standard dice start out pointy polyhedrons but are put through a rock tumbler three times during the production process. It’s impossible for a rock tumbler to smooth all sides of a polyhedral evenly. Thus, you end up with d20s that are vaguely egg-shaped and will favor certain sides.
Each set includes a d20, d16, d14, d12, 2x d10, d8, d…

4 thoughts on “Awesome high precision gaming dice.

  1. Accuracy is getting a 1 or a 20 on a d20 every time you want. Are these dice guaranteed to be loaded? 🙂 And more seriously… how many games actually used a d14?

  2. I’ve got some of the ruby ones and they don’t seem any more random than any of my other dice sets. The plastic nub they are manufactured with surely affects roll and bounce to throw it off off proper precision and I doubt anyone could precisely file them down to reach true randomness. Until they start carving precision dice out of rocks and gems I wouldn’t recommend spending the extra money.

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