A few notes and random updates.

Just thought I should write a quick entry explaining what I am and am not up to at the moment. Especially considering that there was a flood of postings from Google+ that have suddenly stopped. The reason for that is that I have turned off that plugin for the moment as it was interacting oddly with the plugin I use to announce new posts on Twitter. It seems that every time the Google+Blog plugin updates an already imported entry (which it does to add in new comments from Google+) it triggers the new post announcement to be broadcast on Twitter. Not sure why as you can update a post in WP without the Twitter plugin rebroadcasting it, but that’s what it appears to be doing. So until I can either figure why it’s doing that, or I switch to a different Twitter plugin, I’ve shut it down for now.

The second thing I wanted to mention is that the 7th SEB Podcast is complete and awaiting the editing process. It was fun one to do, but the rhythm is a little off in this outing. George Wiman seems to think it was his inclusion that made things a little bumpy, but honestly I was having a very off day on Sunday with a brain that just wasn’t working quite right. First, I was almost an hour late to my own podcast because I got wrapped up in playing video games and lost track of the time. Then my brain just wasn’t working quite right and I struggled to come up with anything remotely interesting to say. Also, the end is a bit abrupt as George had another event to attend that evening that I didn’t know about (or, more likely, forgot about) that he had to leave for at which point I brought the whole thing to a close like a car hitting a brick wall. In short, if it’s not the best podcast we’ve ever done it’s only because I was flailing about like a brainless moron who’d been asked to host an intelligent discussion of topical issues, which is pretty much what happened.

Also, it’s not been edited yet as last night we went out and bought new smartphones as the wife’s old non-smartphone had recently met a nasty end and mine was on the verge of falling apart. Thus most of the evening was spent figuring out how to get them activated, transferring our old phone numbers over, charging them up, and just generally fiddling with them in an attempt to join the 21st century. So no editing of the podcast got done last night. Tonight isn’t looking much better as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 was released today and I’ll probably be spending more time than I should playing that this evening.

I promise to have it edited and up by this weekend at the latest. Really.

That is, assuming nothing else comes along to catch my ADD addled atten… SQUIRREL!

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