Word has it that Harold Camping is finally retiring.

In case you haven’t noticed, Harold Camping’s latest prediction for the end of the world has, again, failed to come to pass. We’ve not heard anything about this latest failure from the man himself, but rumor has it that he’s tossing in the towel:

Although Family Radio declined to confirm or deny Camping’s status to Charisma News, news reports are swirling that Camping has officially retired from Family Stations Inc.

Family Radio removed from its website Camping’s written comments on why the rapture did not occur on May 21. Those comments included a prediction that the world would come to an end quietly on Oct. 21.

Given Camping’s silence after the world did not end on Friday, a recent stroke from which he is still recovering, and the take down of his comments, it appears he may not make another rapture prediction.

Which makes him smarter than most of the people involved in predicting the Apocalypse. I’ve written several times of the goal post shifting from the folks at the True Bible Decoders website. They started predicting that New York would be hit with a nuclear attack back in April of 2006 and, as of today and by their own admission, they’ve made the same wrong prediction some 338 times. Their latest date was for sometime between October 23rd and 24th (today is the 26th). That hasn’t stopped them from claiming that several of their predictions have come true. They claim for example, that the Japanese earthquake and resulting nuclear plant disaster was “the second fire sign of 1Kings18”. You really have to read the explanation to appreciate just how silly it is. Just be sure to take precautions in case your head asplodes.

So if Camping is retiring then he deserves a little credit for recognizing when he’s talking out of his ass and packing it in. Now the question is: What will all his faithful followers do?

2 thoughts on “Word has it that Harold Camping is finally retiring.

  1. I sort of feel bad for the guy. Poor thing, imagine going all your life believing in something so much you stake your entire life on it, only to find out it’s bullshit.

    Meh.. Oh well. NEXT!

  2. Les,

    You don’t understand! If Harold is retiring, it IS the end of the world, at least for him. So his prediction was true, this time, just not the way we were expecting, or at least some of us.


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