SEB PSA: You have 3 days until the End of the World. Again.

Harold Camping at 6:01PM Saturday, May 21st, 2011.

Hey, remember back in May when apocalyptic preacher Harold Camping’s prediction that the world would end on the 21st of that month totally failed to happen?  His excuse at the time was that it was a “spiritual” judgement day and the actual apocalypse — the part with the hell-fire and brimstone and the complete destruction of the globe — would happen in five months time. Well, that five months comes to an end Friday.

Camping hasn’t been making much noise since his last prediction failed to materialize because, he claims, that if you were saved prior to the “spiritual” judgement that took place back in May then there was no hope of being saved leading up to the actual end so why bother continuing to preach to anyone who hadn’t already gotten their shit together?

I have no doubts that Camping really believed the world was going to end on May 21st. Proof of that is the fact that he had a stroke not long after the events failed to unfold as he had predicted them to. I don’t even care that he really believed his own nonsense. What does bother me is that he managed to convince a shitload of other people to buy into it. Many of whom spent their life savings and quit their jobs and moved across the country because this old fool had sold them a bill of goods. He did real damage to people’s lives and he himself probably won’t be around that much longer to regret given his age and his health.

But that hasn’t stopped him from doubling down on his prediction that the actual destruction of the planet will take place this Friday in this video clip from the Associated Press:

No Harold, you’re definitely not a genius. But then it doesn’t take genius to make wild predictions. All it takes is faith, which you no doubt have in abundance. It’ll be interesting to hear what your next excuse will be when Saturday comes and the world and everyone on it is still here.

Try not to have another stroke over it. It really shouldn’t be much of a surprise the third time around.

5 thoughts on “SEB PSA: You have 3 days until the End of the World. Again.

  1. “.. I do not have spiritual rule over anybody……..except my wife…”

    Hahahahaha, that’s greeeeat.

    hey Harold, maybe this time you can blame it on her being possessed and leading you astray.

    Damn women anyway.

  2. I would guess that Harold has never realized that even Jesus was wrong in his prediction of doomsday occurring within his generation. What makes Harold think he is better than Jesus at prediction????



  3. For those who don’t think that the world will end on Oct 21, Sacramento is throwing a huge party.

    We’ll have some GREAT speakers like Dan Barker and Michael Newdow, plus live entertainment including the Phenomenauts and comedian Keith Jensen. Elisabeth Cornwell is one of our keynotes. She’s the executive director of the Richard Dawkins Foundation and came up with the ‘A’ campaign.

    We invite freethinkers, atheists, agnostics, and people of all religions to join us for Freethought Day on Sunday, October 23rd – all day!

    It’s family friendly, and we’ve got over $500 in door prizes. Best of all… it’s free! Learn more and register online (free) at

  4. A celebration in Sacramento? Now that would be something to see. Unfortunately, I have to wash my hair that day, and I’m an ocean and a couple continents away.

  5. Since we are obviously all still here a party is indeed in order. Hell, a party is ALWAYS in order! I’d throw one if old creaky Harold would have his last stroke and shuffle off to ask God in person WTF is going on with not keeping his promise about ending the world. How is it that anyone can look around this glorious earth, with fawns, pandas, puppies and sunsets and want to end it all? How blind can you be? Ah, don’t answer that. The Glory of Heaven blinds them to the fact that they are already standing in the middle of it and are too stupid to see.

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