Need your topic ideas for the next SEB Podcast.

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The stars have once again come into alignment and that means we’re gearing up to do another Stupid Evil Bastard Podcast. This time ***Dave and I will be joined by George Wiman of Decrepit Old Fool. So you’ll be getting an extra third of pointless nattering with the next installment.

As per usual, we’re being lazy and asking you guys what you’d like to hear us talk about. Any questions you’ve been dieing to ask George? Or, for that matter, Dave or myself? You’ve got a whole week to get them in by leaving a comment on this entry or dropping me an email. Don’t be shy, we’re will to discuss just about anything. We might even have something insightful and ageless to say about it, but I wouldn’t hold my breath on that last part. We’ll be recording it next Sunday assuming the rapture or something doesn’t happen before then.

3 thoughts on “Need your topic ideas for the next SEB Podcast.

  1. Has there ever been a video game on an earlier platform that you feel, with all sentimental gesture aside, has aspects that have not been realized in a more modern game? (or, to broaden the subject, any game that you felt was quite unique)

    I’m curious to see if you have some “diamond in the rough” ideas.

    Of course, if you don’t, I don’t suppose there’s much to say 😛

  2. It seems there is a new Republican front runner for every podcast. What are your thoughts on Herman Cain? Can he make America as successful as Godfather’s Pizza? And what are your thoughts on Pat Robertson’s warning that the Republican candidates have become too extreme?

    Any thoughts on the proposed law in Mississippi that states that life begins at conception, giving fetuses equal rights? What about PETA’s suggestion that dolphins should be protected by the Thirteenth Amendment?

    I would be interested in your thoughts on the controversy in Spain over the Catholic Church assisting Franco in stealing infants from their parents. What would be said of atheists by the Christian Right if Franco had been an atheist using atheist organizations to steal children?

    I’m unsure if all of you watch these guys, I know Les has posted some videos, but who is your favorite current politically oriented comedian, Stewart or Colbert? Maher?

    Thanks guys.

  3. Some good topics above.

    The one that hasn’t been mentioned that’s an obvious common interest amongst Les, George, and myself is the (duh-duh-DUUUUHHHH) changes in Google Reader, etc.

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