I wouldn’t be at all surprised…

So wrong and yet I can’t help but laugh at it.

Update: Thanks to Google Image Search, I’ve tracked down the origin of this webcomic: Fredo and Pidjin. The Webcomic by Eugen Erhan. I’ve added him to my Google reader. 

16 thoughts on “I wouldn’t be at all surprised…

  1. @ Artor:
    I’ve been trying to track it down, but haven’t had any luck yet. The site that I found it on didn’t include any attribution, but I’d love to add it to the entry if I can find it. If anyone knows, please drop me a note and I’ll add a link back and full credit. Plus I’d love to follow the strip as the humor seems to be right up my alley.

  2. While the pope himself may not be a child rapist (as far as we know), he is as guilty as one in my book. He is an accessory. The Right often talks about “political correctness” but in my view they are the great perpetrators of it. If it were not for the religious-based political correctness that views any investigations into such criminal activity as “anti-Catholic” then perhaps the pope would already be on trial.

    I sometimes wonder how people can remain Catholic after this many years of revelations. But then Muhammad was openly a pedophile, and Muslims continue to revere him. We can see how religion brings out the best in people.

  3. Jason:

    From that article:

    “We start by listening to victims and hearing their experience. We make sure the Church has the highest standards for protecting children.”

    And quoting from above,

    On this doll, show me where he touched you.

    Does anyone see the irony?

    😉 😀


  4. “Let all the children come to me.”
    “What you do to one of the smallest you do to me.”
    “Do to others as you wish to be done to you.”

    Seems like jesus’ teachings can be exposed in a new light.

    I mean, the guy never married, lived with 12 other guys who never drank beer, watched football or talked about women.

    Yup. All gays.

  5. Well, probably not quite so totally gender preference deviant. OTOH, just on the basis of statistics, at least one of them was likely to prefere guys to women and at least one of them was likely to be a functioning a-sexual with little to no interest in sexual relationships.

  6. @ Rosemary: RE: Mark 14:51-52 And remember the night was cold, because Peter warmed himself in verses 66-68. And, in those days, if you were not married by 30, you were either gay or a priest. In fact, was it not a commandment of God that men and women should be married? Food for thought.



  7. Interesting points. Of course, it could just be a myth. 12 tribes of Istael= 12 disciples=zodiac

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