Games I’m Looking Forward To: World of Warcraft – Mists of Pandaria

BlizzCon just got under way today out in California and they’re not wasting any time in making the big announcements including the next expansion for WoW: Mists of Pandaria.

Check it:

A lot of fans have been waiting a long time to be able to play the Pandarens and at one point there was talk it wouldn’t happen due to China’s sensitivity on how pandas are portrayed (WoW has a huge subscriber base in China). Apparently this will be the only new race in this expansion and it’ll be playable by both the Alliance and Horde. They bring with them the new Monk class which you can see a little of in the trailer above.

The other new features sound intriguing as well. A pet combat system? I’m assuming this is for the companion pets as only a few classes have pets capable of combat (e.g. hunter, mage, warlock). An entirely new talent system is a bit of a surprise considering how major the last revamp was. Raising the level cap by 5 seems like the new standard for expansions so no surprise there. Dungeon challenges sounds like it could be fun, though we kinda have that already with the achievement system. Obviously there’s still a lot of details to be filled in, but it should help to keep my interest in WoW chugging along.

6 thoughts on “Games I’m Looking Forward To: World of Warcraft – Mists of Pandaria

  1. Before this trailer was shown and the game fully announced, I was one of those who hoped for Pandarens to be playable, to be the first neutral race that can join ether the Alliance or the Horde, and to also have access to the Monk class.

    After this trailer, my excitement for this expansion skyrocketed.

    I am so gonna enjoy Tanking a Pandaren Monk

  2. Thanks for posting this, it looks great. I’ve been playing WOW since it was released and it’s been fun to experience the new races and lands. My main is still my first toon, my Tauren hunter. I’ve tinkered with other classes but always come back to Wisunka. The Monk will be interesting to learn, but I had hopes they would return to Outland soon. It’s a shame to have a city like Shattrath and leave it sitting empty.

    That the Monk will be playable by both Alliance or Horde is interesting, but I am and will always be — for the Horde!!!!!!

  3. At once point, this was an April fools’ joke. 🙂

    Glad to see the Pandaren coming around, though. I rather thought they’d do an Emerald Dream expansion before I ever saw this. Brewmaster class, anyone? (dwarves could do it, and I imagine trolls could, too).

  4. For those of you who aren’t familiar with what Julian’s asking about, apparently at this year’s BlizzCon one of the musical performers was a Death Metal band called Cannibal Corpse. The lead singer for which is one Mr. George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher. In addition to being a purveyor of death metal, Mr. Fisher is also a huge World of Warcraft fan. Back in 2007 he gave an interview in which he, to put it mildly, expressed his preference for the Horde faction over the Alliance in the game. The video clip is very NSFW as just about every other word is “fuck” and his rant could be considered homophobic. Let’s just say that Moloch will probably become a big fan after watching the clip. Anyway, Blizzard invited Cannibal Corpse to play at this year’s BlizzCon and they introduced the band by playing a heavily bleeped portion of the interview.

    I wasn’t aware of the controversy until Julian asked the above question, so I had to look all this up including several of the posts complaining about it on the Blizzard forums. The whole thing has some interesting parallels with the recent ElevatorGate controversy in the atheist community. Someone did something that offended some folks who complained only to have others come in and tell them they were overreacting. This seems to be a repeating pattern with humans.

    I think Mr. Fisher is obnoxious, but I don’t think he was being serious in his interview. I think he thought he was being funny and was trying to play up the image he’s built around his death metal persona. I also think Blizzard played the clip because they thought it was funny. That was probably a bad idea. They seem to forget sometimes that they have a community of 15 million or so players which is going to be very diverse. How anyone could watch Mr. Fisher’s rant and not see how it would offend some of the fanbase is beyond me and the reaction to that offense is falling along the same lines as the ElevatorGate and the Penny Arcade Dickwolves incidents. People complain about being offended and others tell them they’re being oversensitive whiners.

    Personally, it’s the sort of “joke” I’d just shrug off, but I can understand why some folks are upset and I think Blizzard’s reaction to those folks has been less than impressive so far. The reaction from the other part of the fanbase is, sadly, about what I’d expect given how it seems to be a repeating pattern in human nature.

  5. I missed the interview, so I just went to google it. Damn, he sounds like a very large vulgar tweenie, good humored and thinking he’s the funniest thing ever. He’s not making a homophobic statement (although I’d wager that he is since he comes off as pretty immature) he’s just being “For the Horde!” If he was Alliance he’d be saying something about those “homo Blood Elves.”

    With all the language and rampant stupidity in the video Bliz should have rethought playing it. But I’m sure they wanted to get people stirred up. It worked. Will it make anyone buy the game, probably not. But it might make some Alliance derp camp my body for an hour after he sets me up to flag myself as PVP.

    Your take on on this is dead on, Les. Human nature being what it is this guy is going to get his 15 minutes of fame. sigh.

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