Bizarre music video of the moment: Duck Sauce’s Big Bad Wolf.

It takes a lot to surprise me these days and this video surprised the shit out of me. The song itself is not particularly interesting, but the music video will have you wondering just what particular brand of drugs they were taking when they made it.

NOTE: This is probably Not Safe For Work because it technically has depictions of nudity and sex acts in it. Technically. Kinda. You’ll have to watch it to understand it, but remember: WHAT HAS BEEN SEEN CANNOT BE UNSEEN!

Now here’s the really weird part: This video has inspired a new photo meme similar to planking. Naturally, it’s called Big Bad Wolfing. Being fad conscious people I’m sure you’ll all want to get in on it.

4 thoughts on “Bizarre music video of the moment: Duck Sauce’s Big Bad Wolf.

  1. Yeah, the music could have been better (even as a lame repetitive dance song it could have been better) but that video is hilarious and just disturbing enough to push my buttons. Well Done.

    Although I think my favorite thing about all of it was this comment on the article you linked to, from one “Tashia Rogers”:

    I’m sorry, my head and neck are not going to get pressed up against my boyfriends workings like that. There are balls and a taint there, and that’s just weird.


    I know I’m probably reading way too much into a short spontaneous comment, but lordy lordy, nothing makes me giggle like uptight body haters. They’re just so easily scared and disgusted by anything at all “unusual” that it’s truly pathetic. So, you have a boyfriend, and presumably have sex….you will take a penis directly into your most private orifice(s), but just the thought of having a ballsack or a taint touch the back of your neck disturbs you so viscerally and deeply that you have the need to immediately express your disgust and even instinctually attempt to publicly shame the girl for doing such a thing. I mean…there’s a SCROTUM TOUCHING PART OF HER BODY!!! IT’S UNNATURAL!!!

    Yeah, no body issues there…she must be so much fun to be around! Does she have to take dramamine before sex to avoid nausea? It makes me wonder how people like that even manage to reproduce. I wonder, would she have the same reaction to a picture of say, a woman in a bikini (or nude) riding on a man’s shoulders in a swimming pool? There must be tens of thousands of such pictures in the media and on the internet, with all of those nasty, dirty taints and vaginas and buttholes being pressed up against some poor guy’s neck…AND HE IS SMILING????

    ….rant off…now, I’m off to facebook so I can disgust and annoy my more uptight friends and relatives with this awesomeness.

  2. It reminded me of a painting but I couldn’t quite get the image. Then remembered Rene Magritte’s Le Viol. I can only imagine what the reaction to that must have been in 1934.

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