Behold the Power of Prayer: Harrisburg, PA files for bankruptcy protection.

Remember back in June when I wrote about the mayor of Harrisburg Pennsylvania, Linda Thompson, announcing she was going to fast for three days and pray like crazy in the hopes that God would provide her with the means of solving the city’s deficit problems?

In case you’ve forgotten, here’s a snippet:

The mayor is going to not eat for three days and pray like she’s never prayed before. Yeah, that’ll probably work. God responds so well to people who starve themselves and beg him repeatedly to do something. Why I’m sure they’ll wake up on the fourth day to find the city’s coffers suddenly overflowing with money from nowhere.

Well it appears that God must hate either Linda Thompson or the city of Harrisburg as they’ve just announced they’re filing for bankruptcy:

Pennsylvania’s capital has authorized a bankruptcy filing, making the city the nation’s highest-profile municipality to acknowledge that it can no longer handle its burdensome debt.

Harrisburg’s city council authorized the measure Tuesday after the government spent the past year and a half trying to find a solution to its $300 million debt crisis.

In the face of a continuing political battle over whether the city should restructure its debts, Harrisburg’s leaders finally capitulated and said the Chapter 9 filing is the only way out of the situation.

via Pennsylvania’s State Capital Seeks Bankruptcy Protection – US Business News – CNBC.

Prayer is really just another name for wishful thinking and the problem with wishful thinking is that reality has a way of crushing it in time. Especially when you try to use it to solve real-world problems rather than, you know, doing something useful.

Perhaps next time the voters in Harrisburg go to the ballot box they should try to elect someone who has a better plan than begging to an absentee God to solve their problems.

8 thoughts on “Behold the Power of Prayer: Harrisburg, PA files for bankruptcy protection.

  1. The thing about prayer is that it is intended to bring our will and our actions into alignment with Gods will for us. So, wanting, praying or begging a Santa in the sky for something that is not in line with our spiritual growth is just a huge waste of time.

    So, actually Linda Thompson and the city of Harrisburg had their prayers answered. The answer was “No. The path you are choosing is not recommended.”

  2. The thing about prayer is that it is intended to bring our will and our actions into alignment with Gods will for us.

    I don’t know where in the Bible it says that- “God helps those who help themselves” is non-Biblical- but it’s more likely to get action than just praying and doing zilch, because if God doesn’t exist, then it reduces to “those who help themselves are helped”, and that works.

  3. If I weren’t an atheist, I’d have to come to the conclusion that God hates Republicans. Thompson prays for financial relief and gets financial ruin. Perry prays for rain and gets forest fires. Really, there is no other possible conclusion one could come to.

    Well, other than there is no God.

  4. When running for office, was praying and fasting part of Ms. Thompson’s platform? Shouldn’t this be part of the “3 o’clock call” question?

  5. Actually, when you look at the comments closely, made by Linda Thompson you can see the fine line between faith and the Biblical reference of “thou shall not tempt the Lord thy God”. Perhaps she has stepped over the line, I certainly believe she has… It reminds me of the generic prayer, a favorite of evangelicals, and those with little or no reason… “please God change the laws of the physical universe for my convenience”. At 70 years of age I just can’t understand why people actually elect folks like Linda Thompson.

  6. I have found that most of us “religious” people have been led to believe prayer has been created to ask for “stuff”. Stuff being material things here on this earth. I find that the real reason for prayer is to thank God (oops, did I say the G word?) for what we have been given already; things like our existence and the whole creation here for us and to be granted wisdom to better live our lives. It seems that most people have been misled to think that there is a lack of “stuff” which God has forgotten to supply which can be gotten by prayer. Although it can’t hurt to ask for things, it would serve us to do those things which will bring solutions for a perceived lack of something. Usually, i have found, solutions are already within our grasp if we apply ourselves to the problem. In the case of someone praying for a solution to a money problem people may find that the answer given by God is that we are here to solve our own money problems as individuals and as a community, hence we HAVE been given the answer and next time it will be easier to find the answer quicker. Now, THAT IS divine guidance. Concerning Harrisburg as well as the rest of the world, a serious audit of things will reveal the rabbit hole where we are being cut off from our own money… I have a clue… it’s not going to the poor.

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