The last Republican presidential debate in 45 seconds.

This pretty much boils it down to its real essence:

All the talk of Reagan is funny when you consider the man could never be elected in today’s political climate. He’d be too liberal for them. Hell, he raised taxes 11 times along with increasing the debt ceiling 18 times. And let’s not forget how he signed a bill that granted amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants.

They sure do like to hold him up like some sort of Conservative Saint, but they’d run his ass out of town on a rail if he were alive today and seeking the nomination.

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  1. Not only did Reagan cut taxes and grant amnesty, he (cue scary music) expanded the size of government and increased federal spending during his presidency! (He also supported Saddam and al-Qaeda, but that is way too many facts for most conservatives.)

    People like Gingrich make a career out of citing Reagan’s name. When it comes to morality and spirituality they have Jesus, when it comes to politics they have appointed Ronnie as their secular messiah… with no less blind faith. Perhaps that is how they reconcile “blessed are the poor” in church with “fuck the poor” in the voting booth. But, though they condescendingly attack liberals for putting Obama’s rhetoric over his actions, that is how they act towards Reagan.

    But these fact-free positions are no surprise. They ignore the fact that tax cuts did no good under Bush; his tax cuts did not produce utopia. They also of course ignore that tax cuts did no good under Obama in helping in the recovery; far from acknowledging this, they pretend that taxes are too high under Obama’s watch, even though they are at record lows. The marginal tax rate is lower under Obama than it was under Reagan. Indeed, 40% of the stimulus that they despise consisted of tax cuts.

    But we have to get rid of Obama to end his oppressive tax hikes. We have to admit that the only way to fix an economy is to cut taxes on the rich, despite Warren Buffett’s statements. Just as we have to admit that climate change is a hoax.

  2. Wait…

    Not only did Reagan raise* taxes and grant amnesty…

    Taxes of course were cut early on in his presidency but, as Les said, he raised taxes numerous times and also removed tax loopholes. That is not to say that he was a secret liberal, but his campaign rhetoric was not his blueprint for governing. Just like Obama, unfortunately.

  3. Boy, those farts are still funny! Wait, am I posting on the wrong video? No, after reviewing this one, the farts are still funny.


  4. What’s that? They want me to tax Ronald Reagan? Well, there are many ways in which I would like to tax Ronald Reagan, but he’s dead.


    I watch the Republican debate and there was not one question about the two wars that American men and women are fighting and dying for! A new poll is out that claim minority are disproportionally serving in the military! Wars that the Republican President started! During the debate Republicans defeating President Obama jobs bill further allowing the country to fall. Everything the Republican are against is programs that benefit Americans! When Republican talk about cutting they are talking about people AMERICAN PEOPLE! Creating more unemployment. When Republican talk about not extending unemployment benefit . That means many American will either have to go on welfare or live on the street!

    The Republicans are running so far to the right, so busy pandering to the extremist rightist fringe, that they are going to have a very, very difficult time repositioning themselves near center (where, by definition, most of the voters are). After seeing Newt Gingrich self-destruct, as I knew he would, and Christie( totally unqualified to be President) refuse to run, as I knew he would, it is increasingly clear that Romney is the likely nominee. That will make many Republicans unhappy, because Romney is clearly the Republican voter choice, but, of course, that is the reason it ought to make them happy. Romney will have a much easier time moving to the middle, in part because everyone is use to him flipping like a perch on a dock, but also because it is his natural home. His discomfort with some of the current Republican positions is painfully obvious.

    Republicans are such hypocrites and their hero are Republican failure! Romney when Governor of Boston Mass. his job creation was 47 three from 50! All the talk of Reagan is funny when you consider the man could never be elected in today’s political climate. He’d be too liberal for them. Hell, he raised taxes 11 times along with increasing the debt ceiling 18 times. And let’s not forget how he signed a bill that granted amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants. Republican of today hate immigrants! They sure do like to hold him up like some sort of Conservative Saint, but they’d run his butt out of town on a rail if he were alive today and seeking the nomination.


    It is so very obvious that the Republican Tea Party is out to belittle America and the President of the United State. Republican Tea Party members wonder why many American see them as another terrorist group against America! After Bin Laden was capture and killed under President Obama direction. Republicans were quick to say that the worse President in American history G.W. Bush was responsible for the capture and killing of Bin Laden. Something he could not do as President in 8 years! But they could just not give credit to President Obama’s leadership! The Republican Tea Party agenda is to belittle disrespect and criticize anything and everything President Obama accomplish!

    Texas Rep. Ron Paul, who is running for the Republican presidential nomination, cried foul over the killing of a radical U.S.-born cleric in Yemen without a trial, joining a chorus of civil liberties groups raising “due process” concerns over the drone attack. Al-Alwalaki refused to turn himself in to avail himself of his Constitutional protections. As long as he remained at large and was considered a threat to the safety of the US, our military and American citizen the President was within the Constitution to take him out. Ron Paul is nuts if they think this man wouldn’t have killed thousands more Americans if given the chance. But in staying on Republican agenda of criticizing President Obama for anything and everything!

    When President Obama made the decision to join the United Nation to bring down Gaddafi and stop Gaddafi violent against his own people. Republican like Newt Gingrich were quick to criticize President Obama, First the flip flopper Gingrich criticized Obama for not Intervening In Libya, then in another interview the next day he criticizes President Obama for intervening In Libya . On John King USA on CNN, Senator John McCain graciously congratulated President Obama for the fall of Muammar Gaddafi. “The fact is this is another success for the Obama administration,” McCain acknowledged. Then in keeping in the agenda of the Republican Tea Party! The Arizona Senator did include the caveat that greater credit should be given to America’s British and French allies. “I wish we had used the full weight of American air power and wouldn’t have had so many casualties,” McCain added. McCain had to throw in a stab to President Obama accomplishment!

    Some of the Republican presidential candidates were sharply critical of President Barack Obama for his decision to withdraw U.S. troops from Iraq by the end of the year. A Republican started war that was unnecessary and cause the needless death of American troops! 4,400 plus American troop are DEAD! To date the Republican will not say it was the wrong decision to attack Iraq. They have the nerve to criticize President Obama for ending a unnecessary war! Again the agenda of the Republican Tea Party is to criticize the country and President Obama! There is no question that the Republican Tea Party are working with oversea terrorist to bring down America!

    Republican Tea Party can’t hide their hatred their racism and their agenda to bring down America! South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham is now openly promoting repeal of the 14th amendment, to do away with automatic citizenship for non-white children born in the country. Kentucky Senator ​, has called for the Roberts Court to declare civil rights legislation “unconstitutional.” In a email sent by Georgia Senator Saxby Chambliss’ office called for the death of all gays. ​, Republican leader from Alabama, has asked that Muslim be barred from holding elective office in the United States. Bottom line Republican are out to belittle President Obama and the country! If President Obama walked on water Republicans would still criticize him for nor swimming.

    The Repub­li­cans are happy that they suc­cess­fully block another por­tion of Pres­i­dent Obama’s jobs bill. The bill that just went down in the Sen­ate had 50 Democ­rats vot­ing in favor and all Repub­li­cans vot­ing against it. It would cre­ate or save 400,000 jobs, and put first respon­ders back to work through­out the nation. Repub­li­cans stood in unity and voted against American Fire­fight­ers, Teach­ers and Police Officers. Keeping with the Republican agenda to disrespect President Obama and the country!


    I just watch the news reporting on job growth in New Jersey under Governor Chris Christie. The claim was that 4,000 jobs were added and unemployment is at 9.1%. National unemployment is 9.%. Well what stuck me was anytime the national unemployment is announce under President Obama. It is follow by reporting on the high unemployment for black American 17.% . That was not done when reporting on New Jersey unemployment. Nor did the reporter state that under Governor Christie within the first month as Governor. Christie shut down a project that would have brought 40,000 jobs. He also laid off 6,000 teachers firefighters, police officers, state workers. He also lost 400 million in a Federal grant for education! Which would have save over 4,000 jobs in education. Christie did create jobs immediately for his staff. He increase his staff that made between $90,000 to $130,000 from 17 under former Governor Corzine to 33.

    The media has shown a double standard when reporting on President Obama. If President Obama accomplishment is reported by the news media it is always follow by a BUT…..Then something to tear down or belittle the accomplish is stated! They do it all the time when reporting on national unemployment. President Obama has had job growth for 13 quarter of reporting. Yet like I stated before it is follow by a BUT black unemployment is……Bin Laden was capture and killed under President Obama leadership and direction. BUT the media tried to give credit to the worse President in American history G.W. Bush. That in eight years didn’t get the job done!!! When President Obama decided to go into Libya Republicans like Gingrich first said President Obama waited to long. Then when President Obama join the United Nation” effort. Gingrich claim if he was President he would not have went in Libya.

    President Obama was proven right and the dictator Gaddafi’ is DEAD! The same is done to President Obama’s 789 billion dollar stimulus package. The media allows the Republican politician to make claims that the stimulus package was a failure. TOTAL LIE! The stimulus package save over 2 million jobs and the automobile industry and gave nearly 90% of Americans a tax cut! There a BUT that is always reported and that BUT is. That the stimulus package didn’t bring unemployment down to 8%. The fact is President Obama is still President and unemployment is coming DOWN! So it may get there!

    In keeping with the agenda of the Republican Tea Party to keep hate and divide alive in America. Republican politician are stating pure lies against President Obama. They are claiming that President Obama called Americans lazy. TOTAL LIE!It happened during a speech at last ‘s Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation conference in Hawaii. Of course, he didn’t say that. He was actually talking about America’s pursuit of foreign investment, that we’ve gotten a little lazy at selling the United States as a good place to do business. Which is totally true and the President in my opinion would have been irresponsible if not stating the truth!
    Despite that, Republican presidential candidates like Rick Perry are already taking it out of context, predicting it will get a lot of play on the campaign trail and in congressional races. “That’s what our president thinks is wrong with America?” Perry said in a campaign ad released yesterday. “That’s pathetic.”Mitt Romney’s response at was typically less inflammatory: “Sometimes I just don’t think that President Obama understands America.”
    The media needs to stop given their opinion and reporting on rhetoric AND JUST REPORT THE TRUTH!

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