SEB Mailbag: Be happy I don’t tell everyone what a fake you are edition.

Got the following epistle this evening:

From: Ben Z <>

Subject: Horos vc. Jesus

You Sir are an Idiot:

Be happy that I do not  send this answer into your blog:

You made a 100% copy of

you are a fake!


I love the fact that this guy is so smart he can’t even be bothered to write his name out completely at the end of the email. He’s referring to a very old entry by a former SEB regular, Consigliere, called Ending the Myth of Horus which the folks at the Creative Counterpart, a Christian blog, lifted from SEB in its entirety. (They did, at least, link back to us.) Its arguably one of the most popular entries on this site with Google ranking it as the number 2 most visited page here. But we couldn’t fool old Ben.

Here’s the reply I sent back:


Wow. You caught us. We totally copied that entry from the Creative Counterpart blog. Except, if you’ll look closely, you’ll note that the CC blog entry is dated January 10, 2008 whereas the entry on Stupid Evil Bastard is dated January 10th, 2005. Some three years before the folks at CC posted it on their site. You’ll also note that they link directly to our content in their repost of the material. See the following quote taken from that entry at CC:

Here is the link, although I am not recommending this blog to everyone. The name of the blog is not very nice, let alone some of the other language there. Though, if you are an adult, i’m sure you can handle it.

Is that a link to SEB’s original entry? Why yes, yes it is!

But don’t worry about “sending this answer” into my blog. I’ll do it for you by reprinting your email verbatim. I wouldn’t want to let brilliance such as yours be limited to only enlightening me.



It’s a good thing we have people like Ben policing the Internet looking for people stealing content from good, upstanding, Christian blogs.

6 thoughts on “SEB Mailbag: Be happy I don’t tell everyone what a fake you are edition.

  1. Looks like good ol’ “Be” is an idiot.

    Hey, Be, please, please, please, comment here. We would love to talk to you about anything you desire.

  2. I’m sure Les the librul hippie evil baby eating atheist blog post thief is now so scared he’s scrubbing his blog of any other offending posts right now! He has ‘Be’, defender of the Internet on his case! 😆

    Or maybe he’s just chuckling about stupid people and getting on with life.

  3. I’ve had a few of these. Now I’ve figured out why they do it.
    They choose an article/comment etc which has a high Google rating, then plagiarise it verbatim,
    hoping to raise their own Google rating in the reflected glory.

    Sheesh! 🙁

  4. Les! You promised to stop using your time machine to post other people’s work before they published it!

    By the way, I still refuse to believe that you wrote the Harry Potter books back in 1987. So there!

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