Little old lady puts up a 24 foot cross and pisses off the neighbors.

Just what Jesus really wants to be reminded of when he comes back to Earth.

Sometimes it’s tough showing the world how much you love Jesus. 72-year-old Laly Dobener out in California found this out the hard way when she decided that she needed to erect a 24 foot cross in her front yard complete with blood stains where Jesus would have been impaled. She said she constructed it in accordance to the specifications of a Christian religious movement called the “Cross of Love.”

But her neighbors — probably all godless communists — have complained to the city and now The Man is trying to keep her down:

“She has two options,” Building and Safety spokesman Dave Lara said. “Option A is that she takes it down and Option B is that she tries to get a permit.

“If she wants to apply for the permit, though, she has to meet all design, building and zoning codes … This is a public safety issue.”

The 72-year-old retired baker faces an immediate fine of $336 and has 30 days to either dismantle the cross or obtain a permit. Failure to do so could result in up to some $3,000 in fines.

Now this may surprise some of you, given my opposition to other 24 foot lawn-based crosses in the past, but I think this old lady is within her rights to have this cross on her property. The primary difference between this one and the other one I linked to is that this one isn’t illuminated which greatly reduces just how obnoxious it is.

Her neighbors, however, say the cross has attracted numerous passers-by to the quiet cul-de-sac, and is driving down property values.

Really? Those are the best arguments you can come up with against this cross? Once the novelty wears off traffic will levels will return to normal and I doubt it’s really that big of a hit to your property value, but if you’re that worried about it then perhaps you should sell your home now before things get any worse.

The one place people should always have a strong right to display their religious beliefs is on their private property. If the city really wants to be hard asses about it and make her go through a permit process because they’re worried it’ll fall over and flatten some kid passing by, fine, but they shouldn’t throw undue obstacles in her path when she does apply. If this thing were beaming lights into people’s windows or blaring hymns all day long then I could see a reason to bitch about it, but it’s just sitting there not doing much of anything other than giving a little joy to a superstitious old lady. If this were in my neighborhood I’d roll my eyes the first time I saw it and then I’d forget it was there and get on with my life.

But then I’m an amoral, godless, liberal, atheist so I suppose that kind of live-and-let-live attitude is only to be expected from me.

4 thoughts on “Little old lady puts up a 24 foot cross and pisses off the neighbors.

  1. If she checks with the city she might be able to find an ordinance where she might have to shorten it…but not necessarily get permits. Kinda like getting a swimming pool or fence in some places…just make it right below what the minimum requirement is for a permit. She still keeps her cross, the city is happy, and the rest have to stfu.

  2. Would people be as grouchy if it was a 24-foot Santa or a 24-foot Morrissey? If the lady wants a cross on her lawn, that’s her business. That it’s 24 feet tall is the problem. Solution: check with the city before erecting a 24-foot structure on your lawn. 🙂

  3. @bob

    Yeah actually a 24 foot santa would really annoy the crap out of me. Jolly fat people just ruin my day in general. Also what’s a Morrissey? my google search only turned up a guy.

    As to the cross yeah get a permit ensuring safety then sure why not have at it.

  4. As long as dudes (or dames?) in white robes and pointy hats don’t start dancing round it after setting it on fire then it’s all good. Would be even funnier if someone installed a lightning conductor on it and got video of a strike! P.S. Hope it’s got good foundations, wouldn’t want that falling on my house!
    PPS I am human even if I ‘m not listed as such on my birth certificate 😯

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