Games I’m Looking Forward To: “Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3”

After the disaster that was the PC version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, it probably comes as a bit of a surprise that I’m looking forward to . As I recall I recommended that if you absolutely had to have MW2 that you buy it either for the Xbox 360 or PS3 as the multiplayer on the PC version was crippled by no dedicated servers, no ability to vote for kicking cheaters from a game, and terrible matchmaking and host selection that made the majority of sessions unplayable. I was heartened by the approach taken with the PC version of Call of Duty: Black Ops and heartily recommended it as a purchase, but that game was developed by Treyarch and not Infinity Ward so I was a bit worried that IW would repeat the mistakes it had made with MW2. None of those concerns were eased by the drama that unfolded when the founders of IW were fired by Activision and went off to start a new studio taking quite a bit of top IW talent with them.

So I was guardedly optimistic about what changes, if any, MW3 would bring to its multiplayer on the PC. Then word came down that, yes, MW3 would indeed support dedicated servers. Not only that, but they would be free dedicated servers as opposed to Black Ops where you had to rent them from a third-party. That went a long way to getting me excited for this next iteration in the series.

Plus, multiplayer gameplay trailers like this one helped a lot too:

Also word of a new co-op mode called Survival should bring a lot of extra hours to the game. Similar to the Zombie mode in the Treyarch produced CoDs, Survival will see you and a friend battling against wave after wave of increasingly tough AI controlled enemies raking in cash for every kill allowing you to buy better weapons and perks as you progress. Not all of the details on multiplayer have been revealed yet, but we should know more by the end of this weekend as the big CoD Expo is taking place.

This is all great news for fans of the series who play it on the PC. It appears that Activision/Infinity Ward paid attention to all the complaints and are looking to correct the missteps of the past. With Battlefield 3 snapping at their heels, that’s probably for the best.

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