Comment spammers are trying something new.

But I don't LIKE spam!!

Been seeing an odd form of comment spam show up in SEB’s spam queue lately. The URL is a link back to Bing or Google’s homepage while the comment itself contains no links at all and is often mildly on-topic, but a short one or two liner that doesn’t really add anything to the conversation. The email address, however, points to a distinct domain. One such example is which serves up a Polish lace corset wholesaler’s web page if you go to it.

Not sure how this is helping them. Are they hoping that the email address will drive up page rank? Without it linking back to their site I don’t see how it helps. WordPress, like most blogging software these days, doesn’t publish emails on the comments page and links published in comments contain the “rel=no follow” tag anyway. The email address is primarily used for the notification emails and I’m often the only person who will ever see it.

As a spam strategy it’s pretty stupid as it can only possibly benefit Bing or Goggle as that’s the URL being used. Are they really that stupid or is there something really clever about this approach that I’m just not seeing?

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