This is probably true…

… which just makes it all the more frustrating and depressing. Especially considering there probably won’t be anyone else more worthy of our votes.

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  1. In this rant, I shall try to explain why I will never, ever do anything that I perceive will help any republican anywhere gain any kind of power, including sitting out an election.

    I guess I’m lucky in some ways…I’m rarely disappointed by even the most well-meaning
    or biggest-talking politicians because I never expect too much. And as far as I can tell, sadly, the things listed on that sign are not big priorities of even all liberals, and pure heresy to pretty much every last republican and conservative of any stripe. Hell, those morons are still bitching about liberals losing Vietnam, and the really dumb ones actually believe that Reagan conquered Russia.

    It seems that fearmongering is still one of the most effective forms of propaganda, and most Americans seems to be convinced that the rest of the world wants us dead. Sad. And stupid.
    I used to think there might be some real, honest, semi-logical reason for republican policies, and for the unreasoning loyalty to power shown by republican voters…but over time, I have truly come to hate…deeply hate…prety much all republicans. It’s not bigotry, and it is not unreasonable…it comes from a willingness to put aside my hopes and wishes about my fellow americans and face facts.

    They offer no reasons, no excuses, and absolutely no apologies for anything they do. War after war, bomb after bomb, lie after lie, slander after slander, draconian law after draconian law, claim of holy righteousness after claim after claim…assualt after assault on secularism and equality…modern conservatism as promoted by the republican party is not about individual rights, or honest work, or small government…it is all about claiming power over others, with no end. EVER. The acquisition of power is the means and the end. No other principle is as important.

    They are as devout and brutal as any terrorist or tyrant. They enjoy mass murder, period.
    They need it. If they aren’t actively killing somebody, or at least threatening to, they see themselves as weak victims and cowards, and immediately seek to purge the peaceful from their own country.

    They enjoy torturing other humans, period. They enjoy disgusting and terrorizing peaceful people with their brutality, and they enjoy having ultimate power over anyone who dares oppose them, like a small town bigoted cop from a bad movie. From George Bush and Alito down to every last inbred on World Net Daily, every last one of them has the inpenetrable rationalizing skill of a disturbed
    12-year-old who masturbates after torturing small animals.

    They have a pathological need to hold power over others, and no other principle can get in the way. Republicans will repeat any lie, no matter how insane or vile, to hold onto power and promote their tribe. Swift boat, welfare queens, drug hysteria, terror babies, anchor babies, gay plagues, birth certificates, secret muslim, communist plots, death panels, internment camps, gun grabbing, christian persecution, scores of beheadings in arizona…as long as there is a republican party, I could go on, literally, forever…

    Republicans will kill anyone, no matter how innocent, to protect or increase their power and self-image. I have never, not once, heard any conservative express true, honest regret over the deaths of innocent civilians in our never-ending wars. At best, they seem to think that guilt by association is unavoidable, and it’s the victims’ own fault for living near terrorists. At worst, they cheer, because they hate so well.

    The smarter republicans know that climate change is a threat to millions of people and whole societies…they don’t care. If it reduces one republican’s profits so much as a penny, or dilutes the power of “their side” or requires an inch of compromise, then they don’t care who has to die or how many millions, so long as they themselves feel safe.

    They know that we are consuming too many resources…they don’t care, as long as they have theirs.

    They know that poor people die every day through no fault of their own because of a lack of affordable medical care…they don’t care. I’d say most of them want it that way, and see it as justice. It gives validity to their “success”, and whether that success was earned or just part of their privilege doesn’t matter, of course. They love having plenty of desperate, hopeless losers around…they need them. If they can’t find a welfare queen to demean, they will invent her.

    They know that racism is alive and well in America…they don’t care. They know that women are still treated as property by many men…they don’t care. Many if not most of them benefit from and encourage these particular evils.

    They know that religion is harmful and dishonest…they don’t care. It gives them power and influence, and of course God wants that, no matter who is demonized, shunned, or victimized.

    They know that public education helps millions improve their lives…they don’t care. They will gladly destroy it in the name of freedom and lower taxes, and their leaders will benefit from the larger masses of completely ignorant people at the bottom of the work force.

    I hate to reward bad behavior in democratic politicians, but I don’t really see any viable alternatives at the moment…for all their weaknesses, at least most democrats aren’t busy shovelling coal on the crazy train, whereas I haven’t seen a sane, responsible, or even somewhat reason or logic based republican or republican policy in forever. All they have and all they offer America is chest-beating tribalism and the dogma of might makes right. And they have no intention of sharing that might with anyone.

    I just can’t bring myself to vote for that, or even to sit out and let them gain more influence.
    as I have said before, I would vote for a rancid lump of maggot infested dogshit…hell, I would run a campaign for a rancid lump of maggot infested dogshit, rather than willingly let a republican into office.

    “Obama 2012. Unless someone better comes along.”

  2. That sums it up. It is always difficult to say that there is no alternative… but there is no alternative. Are liberals beholden to Obama? Yes.

    Historically speaking, it seems clear that whenever some on the left have attempted to be purists and have withheld support from Democratic candidates that it has often cost them and the country in incalcuable ways. Look at the elections of 1968 and 2000. Do liberals today truly believe that it was a positive contribution to democracy and to the well-being of progressive causes that more voters did not turn out to support Democrats facing Richard Nixon and George W. Bush? Those were two of the most abjectly destructive presidencies that America has witnessed. Yet they might have been prevented if a bit more people had voted for Humphrey and Gore; those were two of the closest elections in history. But some purists abstained, some voted Nader, and some like George Carlin stayed home and…

    Whether or not they effected the result, most likely regretted their decisions later. And liberals will likely regret it if they fail to vote Obama in 2012. Obama’s deliverance of hope and change have been insufficient, and my reactions to most of his decisions range from lukewarm to disappointment to anger. But to refuse to vote for his re-election would be ignorant. At what cost? Bachmann? Perry? Part of me wants to believe that Romney would get into office, govern as a moderate, and more effectively than Obama. But then he opens his mouth. And why take that risk? And how much worse would the country be if Obama had not been elected? Would McCain have been better? I find that hard to believe.

    At any rate, I hope that Obama has some positive surprises in store for us in the next year and a half. So far he has sold his soul to the devil of triangulation, and it might cost him re-election, but more Republicans in office is not what this country needs. Rewarding Republicans for incompetence, obstruction and hypocrisy in order to spite Obama would be a terrible, narcissistic decision.

  3. Voters who are 100% loyal under any circumstance have 0% leverage. The Dem Party knows they can disregard their base and play to the donors only, and to the “swing vote” (on their right).

    If en masse dem voters would tell the DP, hey, you can’t take me for granted. Unless you prove you’re worthy of my vote, I’m voting for the Green Party (or party of your choice), then the Party would start to pay attention. FDR only came round when the left was mounting a serious 3rd party movement.

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