In Michigan, the average spending per prisoner is close to three times that spent per student.

I love my State, but damned if our priorities aren’t seriously fucked up:

via Cool Infographics.

8 thoughts on “In Michigan, the average spending per prisoner is close to three times that spent per student.

  1. I know it makes for fun talking points, but what does this really mean? Barring a massive relaxation on Constitutional rights for prisoners, it will always be inherently more expensive to house and secure them 24/7 than it will be to have students go to class 5 days per week.

  2. I think the point is the fact that those on the bottom of the sociatal pole get these sevices why can our children which should be on the top not. Again not saying that those in prison shouldnt have access to these types of things, I personally think things like the education programs are the only way to make someone life better, but the fact that some children don’t even have access to a library nevermind internet is sad.

  3. I recall Vincent Bugliosi stating that the Manson Family has it better in prison than they did on the outside, where their teeth had been rotting and so forth. Clearly prisoners have rights, even the Manson Family, but, weight rooms aside, if convicts deserve free health care, dental care, Internet access then so should students/all Americans.

    Or we could continue dumping trillions in Afghanistan, lest Obama lose his towering credibility as a wartime president. Wouldn’t want to hurt his pristine poll numbers, where even Ron Paul is apparently close to beating him.

  4. It’s kind of funny, and sad. The money given to prisoners, had an investment been made in students, instead, might have been enough to curtail the costs of the prisons in a generation or two.

    Politics, however, doesn’t work on those time scales.

  5. I’m reluctant to take this cartoon at face value, given it’s production by a firm of personal injury lawyers and an organization that upon cursory review of it’s web site seems to be on the side of ‘free markets will save our world’, ‘global warming is a lie’, and ‘energy savings policies are bad’.
    And, even with all those ‘benefits’, I still don’t think prison is all that great a place to be, do you?

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