Cute kittens playing in pots on Japanese TV.

My brother-in-law shared this video on Google+ and I just had to repost it here. It’s a show out of Japan where, according to the description on the video, they “lay out lots of pots on the floor so that they can watch the kittens snuggle into them for naps.” Plus they add in cute sound effects when the kittens swat at each other or do something silly.

I’m illiterate of the Japanese language so I have no idea if this is all this show does or if it’s just one segment in a parade of ridiculously cute things they show or whether it’s aimed at kids or adults. I’m just amazed it gets air time at all and I have to wonder, only half jokingly, if this is why they have a lower crime rate than we do? Who could do bad things after watching so much cuteness?

Whose a cute-wutey kitten? Who is? YOU is that’s who!

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