The Stupid Evil Bastard Podcast Episode 5 is now online!

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It only took 11 months to get around to, but the fifth episode of the Stupid Evil Bastard Podcast is finally available for your listening enjoyment. In this installment we tackle a number of suggested topics and a shit load of tangents because that’s the way we do things around here (read: haphazard and poorly planned). Topics include Sarah Palin’s bus tour, the field of Republican presidential candidates and how Michelle Bachman makes all the rest actually look desirable in comparison, some disappointment in Obama, the Buddhist concept that there is no “self”, various TV shows we are watching at the moment, and a little something something on Patriotism in honor of the day we did the recording.

Or, more concisely, it’s an hour and a half of Dave and I rambling about all sorts of shit. As always you can either download the episode by clicking here or you can listen to it in the handy Flash player at the end of this entry. Please feel free to leave comments/suggestions/complaints/rants as you see fit in the comments. We had a blast doing it so we hope that makes it interesting for you as well.



8 thoughts on “The Stupid Evil Bastard Podcast Episode 5 is now online!

  1. Sorry, this has nothing to do with your blog post. I just need to publicly rant in the only place I know that won’t fucking delete my post and ban me for the following:

    By the way the whole “religion is the only source of morality” shit is just that: shit.

    Sorry, but when I see a book telling me that the source of black people is a traitor and thus all his descendants are marked with dark skin as a warning to others (then Jesus telling a black woman that he will not heal her until she admits that she is a dog, all because her skin is brown), and oh speaking of women, that to be a “good woman” is to shut the fuck up and obey her husband for the rest of her life (and that if her husband cheats, SHE will be punished for it come Judgment Day, oh and if she’s raped that man is to be her husband, so her hubby is probably the man who viciously assaulted her for teh lulz in the first place), and all of this is from the supposedly “perfect” God who is an undeniable racist, sexist, homophobic, murderous, vain, greedy slaver asswipe who will commit genocide on your people just because you didn’t suck up to him… that book can take its ideas on “morality” and SHOVE IT BACK UP ITS FAT FUCKING ASS.

    Again, sorry that I’m off-topic, I just heard for the 8-millionth time that religion is the only source of morality. The exact quote that broke this camel’s back was: “before TV, where else would you get morality? the dirt?” He’s lucky he didn’t say it to my face, as I’d be going to jail right now and would consider it fair payment. Next bible I see I’m setting on fucking fire and taking pics just to spam-troll the fuck out of every-fucking-where on the Internet. Fuck religion. Fuck it in the ass. It is the #1 Proof that humanity is not yet evolved enough to deserve all this wonderful technology and understanding, and that we should just destroy it, then spend a couple more million years to get our collective heads out of our illogical, irrational, stupid, still-caveman-primitive asses.

  2. I take it you’re a little unhappy with some religions? With a good Mormon name like John Smith, too. (OK, close to Joseph) Tsk, Tsk.

    ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜†


  3. Good morning! I have a oomment to make on the podcast but have lost it three times –but I’ll keep trying

  4. Podcast hits a nerve. The president is too nice. He doesn’t seem to recognize S**t when it is throw at him! Right after the first election he lost a lot of ground when he was slow to move. After the second the power to do anything about it seems to be blocked.

    The podcast brought a lot of thoughts to mind. Well done my friends. I’ll listen again because there are a few other things I need to say. I feel if the talking female mouths, of politics, can make doubtful statements I can too!

  5. @BD: Thanks!

    @momma: Keep trying! ๐Ÿ™‚

    @John: Assuming you’re referring to Cain as the “traitor,” the tradition that blacks are descended from him (bearing his “mark”) is extra-Biblical (though no less obnoxious for that). And if anyone is interpreting Matthew 15:22-28 to imply that the Canaanite woman (who was of ethnically similar stock as the Israelites) was “black”, they’re projecting their own racism into the Bible, not following what it says. (Not that your other criticisms as to the Old Testament, and chunks of the New, aren’t broadly valid.)

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