Lawsuit over the World Trade Center cross causes outpouring of Christian love.

Remember way back during the cleanup of the Twin Towers after the 9/11 attacks all the attention that was given to a piece of crossed steel beams that had broken in just such a way and landed in just such another way that they ended up forming a crude cross? You know, the one that prompted all the True Believers™ to talk about how it was a sign from God, etc. etc. and it was pretty clear they were going to want it to be part of the eventual memorial?

Well that day has come and they’re installing the supposed miracle at the site and, as it turns out, it’ll be the only religious symbol allowed. The folks at American Atheists have filed a lawsuit to either get it blocked or open up the display to all religious symbols. Seems fair, right? Include everyone or don’t include anyone. More than just Christians lost their lives that day.

Well, FOX News reported on the story in their usual “Fair and Balanced” way and then took to Facebook to ask folks what they thought about the lawsuit. As you can imagine, the immediate reaction from a lot of Christians was full of the love, empathy, and understanding that you would expect from the followers of Jesus.

Ha ha! Just kidding! It was really filled with a lot of statements like this:

Can’t you just feel the love? As you know, all of the above are exactly what Jesus would do if he were here and I’m sure their God is smiling down upon them from wherever the hell he supposedly resides.

The above was compiled by the folks over at Practical Doubt and they have lots more where that came from. I highly recommend you go read the entire article to get the full effect of the love being expressed by the Christians on Facebook. K. Mason took the time to black out the faces and names of the asshats making such contemptible comments, which is probably more consideration than they deserve. However, if you really want to put names to faces you can go read the entire thread on Facebook yourself.

On a semi-related side note: With the arrival of Google+ there’s been a lot of debate over whether their “real name only” rule is a good idea. The general argument in favor of only allowing real names is that it reduces the amount of trolling and nasty comments that an anonymous pseudonym seems to bring with it. Technically Facebook has the same rule and it seems — if this thread of vicious comments is anything to go by — that requiring real names doesn’t really make that many people stop to think about what they’re posting. Kinda calls into question the real names only policy.

12 thoughts on “Lawsuit over the World Trade Center cross causes outpouring of Christian love.

  1. A much more impressive miracle would have been if God had made all the hijackers explode into piles of goo before they could take over the planes. Yet strangely he never does awesome stuff like that. Instead he makes the face of Jesus appear on a tortilla, or the Virgin Mary appear in an oil spot. Real helpful, “miracles” like those.

  2. Reading comments like these just stops me in my tracks. I draw blank much the same way that Bill Nye, did in that video you posted. Bill Nye recovers quickly and is able to parse the question or comment, and reply on a level that the questioner understands. Me, I just stare blankly, and unblinking not unlike a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming semi-tractor trailer. I cannot fathom the apoplexy, not theirs mind you but my own. I have been reading, and lurking around yours and other Atheist blogs for many years now, and still I am staggered by the willful stupidity of the god bothering set.
    I question the sanity of being an organ donor. The thought of someone such as these getting another chance at life because of my unselfishness is enough for me to want to take my organs to the grave, and to encourage others to do the same. I won’t do that but am sorely tempted at times.

  3. First off, I have to say that it’s unfortunate an atheist group had to stand up against the tyranny of the majority in this case. The lawsuit would have had somewhat more credibility had it been pursued by a more broad-based organization with members of several religions as well as atheists.

    Of course, then this lot of FB wackos would be decrying the PC pinkos and left-wing wackos as the source of all evil in the world. Because no reasonable person would ever give compassionate consideration to the non-Christians who died in the Sept 11 attacks. Right…

  4. @ Martin:
    The organ donor card I carry does have a place for limitations or special wishes. Perhaps you could add the line ‘only disbelievers need apply’. Or, go with what I’m going to do: donate my entire body to a [secular] medical school, for student training.
    And I agree with Tim: just tossing a cross into the wreckage could almost be taken as a ‘Nyah, Nyah, look how powerful I am when I want to be. Too bad I didn’t choose to save all these people instead of just making a stupid cross’. With ‘gods’ like that, who needs enemies?

  5. It is difficult to avoid Manichean stances on issues like this, so I won’t try.

    Firstly, the people who posted those messages (who are apparently Christians in favor of reviving crucifixion, which is new) are frivolous. An Internet comment (including this one) is worth nothing. Certainly atheists need to stop being so surprised that Christians would use violent rhetoric; every religion has peaceful and violent role models within it, nearly every religion has a violent history, and the Jesus of the Gospels was not averse to violence. Atheists really should be the last people with a naive understanding of this.

    The important issue, in my view, is the ever-changing face of 9/11 demagoguery, which simply will not die. 9/11 demagogues have exploited the troops, the Ground Zero workers, and the American people for almost ten years. After the attacks America was supposed to be “in this together”, with “our heroes” and “our troops” at the forefront. The only “virtue” that meant anything was blind patriotism, regardless of the cost. The blood has been spilled, the trillions lost, and yet look at the country now; the political winds have changed, “personal responsibility” and “small government” are resurrected as wing mantras because we have a Democrat in power, and lo and behold the actual patriots who sacrificed in the wake of the attacks are swiftly forgotten. They were promised everything, and now the country wishes to deny them. Ground Zero workers are being told that they will receive no coverage if they have been stricken by cancer, veterans were threatened for about a month with the denial of their checks because Republicans decided to play politics with the debt ceiling, and of course anyone on government assistance is told by “Tea Partiers,” who were barely visible during the Bush years, that they are lazy and need to work harder. It seems that this includes veterans, who apparently have not sacrificed enough, unlike, say, conservative bloggers.

    And that is all to be expected. But it would be nice if the American people, who look ever more like the most decadent and contemptible society in the modern first world (which includes me), were up in arms about those issues, rather than on this “controversy” regarding two pieces of steel sticking out of the ground. But, behold, 9/11 demagoguery returns, and this time in a Christianist mold, because the shallowness of American politics is surpassed only by the shallowness of American religiosity. Many/most American Christians are both spoiled by and disloyal to the First Amendment. While they should be allowed this “cross,” they have no right to deny non-Christians their symbols and memorials.

    The end result is ever more fragmentation, though those attacks were supposed to “unite us,” and ever declining notice paid to the cops, firemen and veterans who actually lived up to the post-9/11 hype. American patriotism in this era is about as meaningful as those two pieces of metal. Speaking of which…

    Too bad I didn’t choose to save all these people instead of just making a stupid cross’. With ‘gods’ like that, who needs enemies?

    Well, as St. Augustine would have said: all humanity deserves to die… and go to hell. If God bothers to save any of us at all we should be thankful. In this instance, instead, he chose to save two pieces of steel, because apparently abstract art means more to him than 3,000 lives. Perhaps that might explain why his miracles tend to involve barely-recognizable depictions of Jesus’ face rather than, say, cures for cancer.

    And, remember, God is love… or at least an art lover.

  6. Why censor the names? These fascist Christianists clearly don’t care if everybody knows they hate America – out the wanna-be brownshirts already.

  7. “God” had nothing to do with the disaster or the imagined miracle signs afterward. And there is no them and us. We are them and they are us. We are all One, whether we are religious, spiritual, atheist and regardless of race, gender, body shape etc. Our belief’s, personas etc are just what we are while we are here. Our physical bodies are just a covering for our immortal souls so dying is not really dying, it’s just losing our shell. God is waiting for us to learn the lesson of unconditional love but he will step in when he feels the time is right.

  8. @ Debra Ratcliffe:
    Well, Debra, you caught my attention with your first sentence, but then you veered off into new age mumbo jumbo. What kind of ‘god’ is it that you believe in? How are we supposed to learn this lesson of unconditional love? And what is it you expect your god to do when he ‘steps in’. How arrogant of you to assume that your imagined deity is in charge of us all.

  9. Hi Susan

    Nice of you to reply to my comment. Actually, I don’t have to justify what I wrote. Anyone can take it on board or leave it, as they choose. Simple as that.

    Have a lovely day.


  10. Tom McCool wrote:

    How do you know the comments were posted by Christians?

    Well, for starters, they were defending the installation of a Christian symbol — the cross — so it’s probably safe to assume most of them where Christians. Not sure I see why a Hindu or a Muslim would be upset about a lawsuit over a Christian symbol. Then there’s the fact that several of them self-identified themselves as Christian.

    Sure I suppose it’s quite possible there were some non-Christians making death threats, but I didn’t see anything that would suggest that’s the case.

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