It’s a special kind of asshole who takes up two handicapped parking spaces…

Constable and noted asshat, Joseph Mora.

… when he’s not handicapped himself and then when he’s confronted by an actual handicapped person he flashes a fake badge and assaults the poor guy. The cherry on top of this pile of shit? When said asshole is a constable and a member of the local planning board.

Meet just such an asshole: Jospeh Mora of Fairhaven, Massachusetts.

According to police, the man tried to park his car in one of the handicapped spaces at the Seaport Inn and Marina on Friday night and noticed that Morra’s car was taking up two handicapped parking spaces.

Police said Morra’s car didn’t have a handicapped license plate or a visible placard.

Police said the man began taking pictures of Morra’s car with his cell phone.

According to police, the man said Morra displayed a badge to him and ordered him off the property while uttering expletives.

The man told police that Morra poked him in the chest and sternum several times and then shoved him, nearly knocking him to the ground.

Mora’s been charged with assault and battery on a disabled person, intimidation of a witness, impersonating a police officer and malicious destruction of property valued at over $250 for breaking the disabled man’s cellphone. Also, of being a humongous prick.

I could kind of understand if he was just going to be parked for a couple of minutes and he took up one handicapped spot to do it, but this is going beyond inconsiderate to the land of complete asshattery. Seriously, walk the extra 20 feet or so and stop being such a dickhead.

5 thoughts on “It’s a special kind of asshole who takes up two handicapped parking spaces…

  1. Bonus felony:

    Morra was already scheduled to appear in court later this week on charges of felony vandalism and larceny stemming from an incident last August in which he allegedly cut down steel fence poles belonging to a business that abuts Seaport.

  2. Now Les, everyone knows that handicapped people only got that way so they could get all the good parking spaces. He’s just taking back for the common man! /snark

  3. Well that’s fucking annoying. I watched the video and it doesn’t say WHY he was cleared, just that he was. Would really like to know what the details of the case were.

  4. Even though this incident happened 2 years ago let me tell u he has not changed he works at rent a center and he’s the biggest asshole going around flashing a badge being extremely rude and an aggressive attitude I’m sure it won’t be long till he attacks someone again if that happens I hope they realize the world would be a much better place with him behind bars

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