Here’s an entry about how I have nothing to talk about.

It’s been five days since my last update so I thought I’d do one of those lame-ass “I’m not dead” type entries where I babble on about not having anything to babble on about. In a nutshell, life has been hectic the past week and it doesn’t appear to be letting up anytime soon. A busy week turned into a busy weekend turned into another busy week.

Today a power outage at another site in my company resulted in chaos at my site because too much of our network services are routed through the other remote site. Tomorrow I’ll be leaving work mid-day to go to a job interview, but I have to drive back to my current job afterwards as I’m supposed to stay late so AT&T can come in and break upgrade our phone system. This means I’ll drive into Brighton then drive to downtown Ann Arbor and then drive back to Brighton and drive home to Ann Arbor. Yeah, it’s gonna be a fun day.

So soon as I get a chance to catch my breath I’ll try to come up with something more substantial in the way of an entry using my usual sarcastic style. In the meantime you can take comfort in knowing that you’re not one of these poor schmucks:

5 thoughts on “Here’s an entry about how I have nothing to talk about.

  1. Considering the stupid things I did in my youth, I can only say that I suspect they just haven’t thought it through very well before deciding it would be cool to attempt.

  2. Why do people think this is funny? Someone doing a pratfall is funny. A young girl doing a face plant in not funny. Fail is only funny when the person failing isn’t hurt. That you think this is funny makes me sad. People are getting meaner and its taking its toll in the world. I know this is a serious response to what you posted as being light hearted amusement, but to me it is neither.

  3. Why do people think this is funny?

    Funny is subjective, and watching people do stupid things has always been part of comedy. Censorious folks who try to officiously dictate how others should think/react to things can also be said to be a big problem in the world today.

    I felt sorry for some of the people in this video. Many of them deserved it. I laughed at a good number of the incidents. Thanks for posting it, Les.

  4. When I said “take comfort in knowing that you’re not one of these poor schmucks” I meant it. A good number of those clips had me cringing in sympathy. Only a few were truly “ha ha” funny to me. Most of them I thought were very good examples of why you shouldn’t attempt what these people are attempting.

    Obviously I haven’t researched every single clip, but it appears that in the vast majority of them the people involved survived with mostly minor scrapes and bruises. If it was nothing but a parade of death then I agree it wouldn’t be funny at all. But, yeah, sometimes when someone does something amazingly stupid and hurts themselves in a minor way doing it, I do laugh.

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