EA has launched an Alpha Test for Battlefield 3 multiplayer.

And I’ve been invited to participate in it.

And that’s about all I’m allowed to say about it according to the EULA. One, that it exists and two, that I’m in it.

Yes, I really did read the EULA so I’d know how much I could talk about it.

That said this should be interesting. As any of you who have been around for a long time know I’m a huge fan of the Call of Duty series, but up until Battlefield Bad Company 2 I didn’t really care much for the Battlefield series at all. I bought Battlefield 1943 when it came out and found it less enjoyable than I did CoD. I picked up Battlefield 2 when it came out to see if enough had changed to win me over and I wasn’t impressed. I had pretty much sworn off the Battlefield series and only bought Bad Company 2 because I was going to a LAN party where it was going to be played.

If I recall correctly the first BFBC was the first one to have a singleplayer story in addition to the multiplayer. The sequel continued that trend and I found myself enjoying it quite a bit. The multiplayer also offered enough different game types that I found that more enjoyable than previous Battlefield games as well. I still think CoD has a faster style of play mainly due to smaller maps and no vehicles, but I find myself actually playing BFBC2 multiplayer on a semi-regular basis which is a first for me with this series.

Given the missteps with Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and the drama that followed in its wake with Infinity Ward founders being fired and an exodus of the top design staff leaving to join the founders at a new company, there’s reason to question how good the next Modern Warfare sequel will be. Combine that with the fact that the folks making Battlefield 3 consider the PC to be the target platform instead of the consoles as opposed to Activision making the consoles the primary target with PCs getting a port, well, that’s damned attractive if you’re a PC gamer like me. All the stuff that went wrong with CoDMW2 (no dedicated servers, no mods, no admin ability to keep out cheaters, etc.) is all the mistakes that the BF3 folks seem determined to avoid.

It could very well turn out that I don’t fall completely in love with BF3 when it comes out, but they’re certainly doing all the right things to help ensure that I do. And now I get to offer some feedback on the alpha version of the multiplayer game. It’s almost like someone at EA is gunning to make me a full-on convert.

Oh, and did I mention that the multiplayer looks like this?

Oh yeah!

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