Apparently being nailed to a cross is fun…

…if this church sign is anything to go by:

Free nails to the first 500 children!

Come on down and bring the kids! It’s sure to be a banging good time for everyone! Try not to get too hammered while you’re there. Who woodn’t have fun just hanging around?

I just hope that Jesus doesn’t decide to return right in the middle of the festivities. Awkward!

6 thoughts on “Apparently being nailed to a cross is fun…

  1. Austrian ‘Pastafarian’: License Photo Was A Win For Freedom From Religion : The Two-Way : NPR les not sure how things work check this link sure you will like if you havent already seen.

  2. I`ve seen some Dominionist kook quoted someplace as stating that when their theocracy takes over things like stoning gays to death will be suitable family viewing. So why not a cucifixionÉ

  3. Well, Christians consider the Crucifixion a glorious event, a “Good Friday.” It is not something to be squeamish about, at least in their view. For Christians, Jesus’ death and resurrection mark the moment when their Sky Daddy relieved them of the burden of personal responsibility, all because he sacrificed his only child. If women were allowed to become popes I suppose Casey Anthony would have a good shot at the job.

    To paraphrase Pat Condell, one good aspect of Islam is that its symbol does not have anyone nailed to it. Actually, Muslims do not believe in the Crucifixion, nor do they fetishize filicidal human blood sacrifices; I guess now we know why Islam is “barbaric” and why Muslims need to be “civilized” by Christians…

    I’m guessing atheist summer camp would probably involve a focus on science or literature, which most people would probably consider boring by comparison. Oh well.

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