The (very much delayed) fifth SEB Podcast needs your topic ideas!

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Can you believe that the last SEB Podcast was on August 28 of 2010?! That’s almost 11 months ago!

Personally, I blame ***Dave for being the successful manager guy he is and flying all over the place and taking oodles of vacations and stuff. Yeah, it had nothing to do with my ADD or ongoing addiction to video games and general forgetfulness.

Well, whatever the reason, we’re gearing up for the fifth installment this Saturday so, as always, I’m looking for topics you folks would like to hear us chatter on about for an hour or so. Though, knowing us, it’ll probably be more like two hours or so. What current events would you like us to cover? Any weighty philosophical questions we can totally fail to answer in a coherent fashion for you? Any burning question you’ve been dying to ask one or both of us?

If so, you can either leave a comment on this entry or drop me an email with your inquiries. With any luck we won’t wait another almost year to do the next one!

7 thoughts on “The (very much delayed) fifth SEB Podcast needs your topic ideas!

  1. Sweet! Looking forward to it Les!

    How about commenting on Sarah Palin’s aborted bus tour / vacation, new propoganda-mentary, possible presidental bid / car crash?

  2. Good to hear, lets see…

    Current events: What are your thoughts, positive or negative, about what is happening in the Middle East? Greece?

    Same ball park as YMI’s question, but what are your thoughts on the (actual) Republican candidates?

    The rhetoric, from various corners, will likely get increasingly ugly, racist, xenophobic next year. Obama was called a “dick” today on MSNBC, which was not necessarily racially motivated but certainly demonstrates the vitriol that Obama often receives. What are your thoughts on all of that, and will Obama be able to withstand it for a second election?

    Philosophical question: Hmm… I think one of the most interesting aspects of Buddhism is the notion that there is no “self.” What are your thoughts on that? If you do not find that question interesting, I would like to hear what your own philosophies/favorite philosophers are, and why.

    Have either of you read any particularly good books lately? And, most importantly, will either of you be watching the return of Curb Your Enthusiasm?

    Thanks Les.

  3. Those all look like interesting topics. A few that have popped up on my blog (just to consolidate the list):

    – Free-to-play video games – thoughts on the model.
    – “Parenting and how to raise a nice geek” … my wife came up with that one, so we’ll have to touch on it.
    – Cool stuff I saw/did in Italy

    The only other things that came to mind, offhand, was Google+ (and social media in general, and blogs, and stuff like that).

    Crikey — I suspect we could ramble for 3-4 hours on just all that.

  4. Browser Wars.

    My recent question on eBooks vs hardcopy and the ethical obligation to pay for what you get vs paying for different versions of same.

  5. BD suggests (among the above):

    – I would like to hear about Les’ cat Cuddles and how he is doing with the established kitty.
    – Both of your thoughts on upcoming movies.
    – Current Doctor Who season so far.
    – Family 4th of July traditions or past things that you all did that were fun or memorable.
    – DC new stupid idea and its effect on the Comic Biz.

  6. Just a quick note: I woke up with a killer migraine today that’s still not completely gone so the podcast is being delayed. ***Dave and I are aiming to do it sometime Monday now. Sorry about that, but I can barely think straight at the moment which wouldn’t do any favors to the coherency of the podcast.

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