Stunningly stupid Christian argument against gay marriage.

Only a True Believer™ would find the following argument against gay marriage reasonable:

Because Gravity and Marriage are exactly alike… except that they’re not. One is a natural law of the universe and the other is a social construct. It doesn’t help that they can’t even describe gravity properly. Gravity only goes in one direction? Since fucking when? It’s not about direction, it’s about mass and attraction. If you are standing on the “bottom” of the Earth then gravity goes “up” towards the center. That’s why you can stand on the “bottom” and not fall off. Not to mention that once you get into space the ideas of “up” and “down” start to lose any real meaning.

It’s always hilarious when the True Believers™ try to use science to make an argument. Invariably they fuck it up pretty badly so that you have to be pretty damn scientifically ignorant to agree with it. Alas, there are a lot of people out there who fall into that category. You’ll know them when you see them. They’ll be nodding along in agreement with this video.

Found over at The Friendly Atheist.

10 thoughts on “Stunningly stupid Christian argument against gay marriage.

  1. Planes fly upside down all the time–if you’re a daredevil hotshot jet pilot.

    Yeah, I agree with your statements about this argument/video. Gee, what about the difference in marriage in Muslim law–and in the old or splinter-group Mormon law? So what if they’re still male/female–they’re not “traditional” (Western) marriage.

  2. Nice job, fully-equipped media facility at Focus On The Family! Your production values are first-rate. Your humanitarian values (not to mention your understanding of gravity), on the other hand…

    Love the part at the end where he says “people get hurt”. Well he’s got a point there, since heterosexual families always function smoothly. No, wait, my mistake – that’s complete bullshit.

  3. With just a bit of rewriting this could be a good argument against creationism being forced into schools. Now if I could only figure how to make the xians listen.

  4. What are you talking about? They have a great argument here! Well half a great argument. Facts aren’t up to public opinion, and therefore, neither is evolution. I like particularly that they bring up teaching in schools because that’s what they want to do with creationism. Although I must say, I really don’t see how this has anything to do with gay marriage. If they had argued for creationism instead they might have (but not really) had a better argument… at least it would have been more fitting.

  5. There’s an anti-government subtext and a willful disregard of science here that are both pretty chilling. These religionists are dangerous to truth and reality, as well as to the people they’re trying to damage.

  6. I was especially struck by their dismissal of the “safe zone” program at schools and universities. I recently attended a safe zone session and there’s a sticker visible at my desk. To me it was important to communicate two things: to a GLBTq person, “You’re OK here” and to everyone else; “It isn’t OK to make someone feel like less of a person for being different.”

    There are offices all over campus that are full of Jesus stuff; to me this is very unprofessional. It says to a Christian student: “I’m on your side before I see your first assignment,” and something very different to a gay student.

  7. I agree that this would make an excellent video against the pro-creationism/ID agenda with very minor changes.

    Though the description of gravity here uses unsophisticated language, it fits within the common or colloquial understanding of gravity’s action at a local level, so it doesn’t bother me too much. As Les points out, the main fallacy lies in the implied connection to gay marriage. Unlike reversals of gravity, homosexuality is common in nature and should be acknowledged as part of the spectrum of human behavior. But if someone agrees with the comparison, I’m sure they’ll eat this video up.

    Oh, and I wonder whose middle-school-aged child did the Photoshopping for this.

  8. Other production values in the video are very high, so most likely the Photoshopping is deliberately crude. FOTF has all the resources you would expect to find in a large advertising agency.

  9. Okay, first of all, I want a “Gravity Equality” bumper sticker.

    Second of all, this really makes me want to create a response video. I wonder if he is aware that when he so pompously dropped his ball to prove his point, that the world was sucked towards the ball? I’d love to put something together with ideas like gravity always goes down–relative to the earth.

    Sadly, his logic and point are probably “unassailable” if you don’t nitpick and just take it as a parable.

  10. The antigay aspects of Christianity derive from Judaism. There are plenty of Christians who are supportive of civil rights for gay people and who sometimes gay themselves.

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