If this were a real product it would outsell every other drug ever.

For the past several weeks I’ve been driving past a billboard on the way to work that appears to be advertising the latest wonder drug. It has a picture of a ditsy blonde woman twirling her hair in her fingers with the message: WHO NEEDS TALENT WHEN YOU HAVE REACHEMOL™? Every time I’d see it I’d wonder what the fuck it was supposed to be about. I doubted it was an actual drug, but perhaps it was an attempt at viral movie advertising? You know, where they take a fake company from some film and put out ads that appear to come from said company as a way to attract attention. I kept meaning to Google it when I got to work/home from work and by the time I arrived I’d already forgotten about it, which shows you the length of my attention span.

Then I noticed a second billboard for this “product” which you can see reproduced below:

So smug you wanna bitch slap that smile right off his face. Click to embiggen.

Two billboards along the same stretch of highway was just enough to keep it lodged in my brain. So this morning I finally got around to doing a Google search to see what the hell it was all about.

As it turns out, it’s not for any kind of a real product though the (hilarious) webpage for REACHEMOL™ is designed to look like it’s a new wonder drug to treat “Deficient Popularity Disorder”:

REACHEMOL™ (popularitus maximol) is the only prescription medicine clinically proven to treat Deficient Popularity Disorder (DPD). In all but the most severe of cases, REACHEMOL™ will increase your popularity so much that people will actually like you, instead of shunning you like an Old Testament leper.

REACHEMOL™ is a prescription medicine used to:

• Increase popularity
• Boost self-esteem
• Become more attractive to the opposite sex
• Win elections
• Sway juries
• Weasel your way back into the will

And it goes on for a bit like that with pictures of celebrities that use the drug like Nicholas Cage, Paris Hitlon, and William Hung who is most famous for being a terrible singer on American Idol.

Of course it’s not a real drug, but a clever bit of marketing from the folks at Adams Outdoor as reported by the folks at Ad Rant:

Deficient Popularity Disorder? Yea, if that just caused your bullshit alert to explode, you’d be wise to listen to it. You see, though it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility for a money hungry drug company to invent it, there’s no such thing as Deficient Popularity Disorder and there’s no such drug as Reachemol. Nope. It’s all a stunt from Adams Outdoor which is hyping how a well executed billboard campaign can make your brand “the talk of the town in 30 days or less.”

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen a faux campaign like this one. And we miss them. properly executed, they are hilarious and, at the same time, deliver a strong message. Nice job, Adams Outdoor.

When you stop to think about the name, REACHEMOL (Reach Em All), you wonder why it didn’t occur to you previously. But it certainly caught my attention and (obviously) got me talking about it. The billboards themselves are vague enough to leave you curious enough to search them out on the Net and the website they put up for it is amusing enough to put a smile on your face.

Not to mention the palpable sense of relief you get from realizing it’s not yet another bullshit woo-woo homeopathic remedy being foisted onto the general public.

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