Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 trailer hits the net.

And it’s looking pretty good:

It’ll definitely be interesting to see Infinity Ward will be able to live up to expectations now that so many top people responsible for the series have left the studio, but if this trailer is anything to go by it looks like they might pull it off.

5 thoughts on “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 trailer hits the net.

  1. I did not realise that Infinity Ward had had its head cut off. I’m surprised how far behind the times I’ve been.

    Unfortunately, it’s not new. Bungie fired 50-ish employees, with the rumours circulating that it was done at the behest of publisher Activision-Blizzard. Bungie categorically denies that any publisher has ever put pressure on them to dismiss staff. They’ve since been on a hiring spree recruiting for what appears to be an MMO adaptation of a first-person shooter. It makes me feel bad for the people who opted to join Bungie rather than “sticking to their yarn” and working the Halo franchise.

    Which, according to what I’ve read, was a point of complaint in one of the lawsuits filed against Activision-Blizzard, by former Infinity Ward staffers, as well – namely, that MW3 would not be the next game released by the firm, and that they would pursue new properties.

  2. It was a pretty major blow up at Infinity Ward. I documented some of it here on SEB, but it was all over the gaming press. After the two founders were fired they opened up a new studio and quite a few of the top folks at IW left to join them.

    Activision, of course, claims there’s still plenty of talent left at IW to carry on with the series and I don’t doubt that there is. Even if IW’s next iteration doesn’t live up to expectations Activision may not have too much to worry about as Treyarch did a pretty good job with Black Ops.

    In fact, I went back to play some MW2 the past week or so and it really drove home how much better a product Black Ops ended up being. The majority of the problems I had with MW2 are still present in the game. IW will really have to step up to make MW3 better than Black Ops.

  3. Well, and that’s funny – two of my brothers, 10 and 30, have played Black Ops and said they weren’t terribly impressed.

    That’s not to say it wasn’t a clear improvement, but merely that it feels like another iteration in the franchise, and not something entirely refreshing. Of course, little brother still owns it, as do my cousins, so it didn’t stop them from buying.

  4. I thought Treyarch did an excellent job of cramming lots of new stuff into the Multiplayer. I supposed if you only went by the single player then it wasn’t all that innovative, but the multiplayer has a ton of new stuff in it. Not to mention that the return to dedicated servers was a welcome relief from the crappy ping syndrome of MW2.

  5. Unfortunately MW3 heralds another return to dedicated servers apparently.To think we used to think the Trearch versions were the poorer …

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