Because that’s what Jesus would do, right?

Feel the Christian love:

[blackbirdpie url=”!/Walken4GOP/status/66439611425107968″]

That’s your typical GOP supporter these days. Wishing for the gold old days when they could just kill you.

5 thoughts on “Because that’s what Jesus would do, right?

  1. What a nut job… Here’s another one of his brilliant posts:

    “FYI I am NOT a racist. Stop calling me that. Just because I dislike that jiggaboo in Washington, doesn’t mean I hate all of them! #tcot #gop”

  2. I can’t decide if that guy is trolling or if he’s really that hate-y (pretend it’s a word). Some of his tweets seem legitimate (as in someone thinks that) and some of them are just so over the top.

  3. I actually had a discussion with a friend about this today, about atheism seeming to be on the rise. I speculated that it might have something to do with religion causing so many public displays of stupidity, like that guy who wanted to burn the Torah, or the way this whole conflict with the middle east is given a religious charge. I speculate that people are feeling fed up with religion and so they are walking away from it, and my friend commented that a lot of the atheists he knows are kinda passionate about it so they end up drawing attention to it much the same way a religious individual who is passionate about their religion does, so the perceived increase in atheists might just be that more of them are standing up as opposed to an actual increase in numbers. I would like to also believe that with the increase in technology we have an increase in access to information, so people are becoming more intelligently informed which seems to lead to a discard of religion, but I’m not actually sure this is a true reason. Another thing though, that I’ve noticed, is religious people will often call non-religious people atheists simply the person is rejecting the construct of religion even if they’re more of an agnostic, and a lot of the time it seems agnostics are not very well informed so don’t realize themselves to be agnostic and thus are unable to defend themselves against being improperly judged. At least, those are some of my speculations, they might not be relevant or true.

  4. Ole, what a Dick!
    You had better pray that doesn’t happen to you. Oh but wait, you can’t. That obsolete means of communication has been cancel due to loss of participants. Now it it seem all practitioners are merely talking to themselves (as if it were ever any different!), but feel to some hard conversations with yourself!

    And yes, atheism is on the rise, not just little prick…

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