And we had such high hopes too.

It would’ve been nice, but it was not meant to be.

16 thoughts on “And we had such high hopes too.

  1. My niece somehow remained oblivious to the May 21 hoopla. When I happened to comment that the world didn’t end, she was puzzled. “I thought the world wasn’t supposed to end until next year? Did I miss a memo?”

    Sort of put things in a perspective for me. One idiot leading other idiots on a boat to bullshit land is just replaced at the dock with morons piling on the ship to retard republic. Someday they’ll stop queuing up.

    I wonder if the 2012 fans will lose some some steam after this May 21 debacle. I imagine they’ll still squirm in delicious blankets of baseless anxiety and fear, but they might keep their beliefs quiet.

  2. I was just thinking; if Noah’s flood happened in 4,988bc and the universe was created 6000 years ago, where did the extra 1000 years (and the time before the flood) come from?

  3. I doubt it’ll quiet the 2012 nutcases, Blaze. This one got a lot of attention mainly because of the stupidly huge amounts of money Camping was able to raise and spend on it. Most of the nutcases can’t afford to put up billboards all over the place. The True Bible decoders I’ve been following the past couple of years could only afford to send out press releases, and that was only because there’s a free service on the Internet to do it with.

    Moloch, I have no idea how their math was supposed to work.

  4. If these (rapturists) buggers read the bible they would know that 144,000 – 12,000 from each of the 12 tribes of Israel would swept up. Thus the atheists above would be disappointed – would the US notice the loss of 0.0005% of the population (because as we know the rest of the world are evil socialist devil worshippers)

  5. Nah, the Camping failure won’t effect the 2012 nonsense. The people who go for that crap will have one excuse or another about why Mayan prophecy is superior to boring old Christian prophecy.(All the while never actually learning what actual Mayans say, as opposed to the New Age nitwit cultural appropriaters that have promoted the idea.)

  6. Apparently if you were to ask a Mayan they would say “The calender goes back to 0-0-0-0-0. And? Its basically a Y2K thingie with a different calender.

    “Upgrade your Ziggurat NOW, with BigZero services. Failure to do so could render human sacrifice inoperable”

  7. Harold camping is the most retarded son of a fucking bitch ive ever heard and or seen. Someone needs to hold a gun to his head and say rapture up bitch!

  8. Michael, I don’t think that would be particularly productive. I do think he should be sued into oblivion by the idiots followers he duped, but beyond that I think his failed prediction will be punishment enough.

  9. Intercept phone call between GOD & Satan (you may ask why they would be phoning each other, well, there has to be some means of communication) ..

    Satan: Yo GOD, how’s it going dude?
    GOD: Same old same old (ad infinitum)
    Satan: OK, so why didn’t the rapture happen, I was looking forward to getting rid of all your killjoy, bible bashing, brain dead muthas … would have been a great party …
    GOD: Erm, well, to tell the truth it’s full up here, no more room in heaven.
    Satan: You shitting me right, I’ve waited all this time for the party to end all parties and now you say heavens full, like wtf dude!
    GOD: You’ll get over it …
    Satan: Hey that’s not good enough, if you aren’t going to keep your end of the deal then fuck you, I won’t let any more into Hell.
    GOD: You can’t do that.
    Satan: Just watch me…

    Sound of phone line going dead.
    Cue music from The Walking Dead.

  10. Satan: Hey that’s not good enough, if you aren’t going to keep your end of the deal then fuck you, I won’t let any more into Hell.
    GOD: You can’t do that.
    Satan: Just watch me…

    Now, where would God find a lawyer to sue Satan?

    😉 😆


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