And now for something completely different from Finland.

There’s too much serious shit happening in the world right now and I don’t feel like talking about it, so here’s something from the What the Fuck department:

The little, white, mutant man! He haunts my dreams! He want’s to swallow my soul!!!

11 thoughts on “And now for something completely different from Finland.

  1. What.

    I think there may be something, well, “special” in Finland’s water supply and I want some of it.

  2. Hehe, it is in fact “Munamies,” which translates into “egg man.” It’s a character specifically created for an improvisation comedy show called “Putous,” which in turn translates into “The Fall.” The comedy actors are tasked with creating a character for the show and then the viewers get to vote on which one is the best. One is eliminated each week etc. etc.

    Long story short, he’s an egg. And he won the public vote for the best comedy sketch character in the latest season.

    But don’t ask me to explain why:)

    More crazy stuff to be found here (

  3. Thanks son now another weird little song will wander around my empty head! But I have to admit it brings a bit of happy thoughts!

  4. Well, it’s the next day and…’s still in my head. Someone. Please. Help.

  5. Damn, humanity and I are stupid, arent we! At least I only watched 10 seconds of it.

  6. Was a little bit like the “where the heck is Matt dancing now” type of videos. With an extra dose of weirdo stuck in.

    No, Bryan, we aren’t too stupid – we just have fun and go a little bazoo. Watch those who who have no fun while going mad. They are the dangerous ones.

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