OK, the Charlie Sheen “Winning” meme has officially gone too far.

Driving into work the other day I spotted the following on a billboard along the freeway for a church in Plymouth Michigan:

Pic of NorthRidge Church billboard.

First time I saw it I thought it said "whining", which totally changes the meaning.

I understand the Christian desire to co-opt anything that’s remotely popular into a means of church recruitment is overwhelming for a lot of Christians, but is Charlie Sheen really the sort of person you want to be “borrowing” from?

3 thoughts on “OK, the Charlie Sheen “Winning” meme has officially gone too far.

  1. Ha! And….HAAAAAA!!! I’d love to see that in person, but I’m laughing hard enough as it is. That’s awesome in my book, in that “Boy, people sure are fuckin’ funny” kind of way.

    I think they need to really get into the spirit of this campaign, though…I want to see a second billboard with something like “Come to NorthRidge Church this Easter and slam a 7-gram Rock of Jesus straight into your veins!”

    So does Tiger Blood mix well with Blood of the Lamb? I bet for the gullible and emotionally needy it’s better than vodka & Red Bull.

    On the more serious side, I think that Charlie is a pretty good poster boy for much of modern American christianity, whatever his own religious or political beliefs. Manic, oblivious, obsessed with self and “being better” or “winning” without bothering to do anything worthwhile…doing anything to “feel” like he is accomplishing something, while accomplishing nothing much at all except a self-indulgent spectacle. He almost looks & sounds like a televangelist that got a little too drunk on his own charisma. His rants fit right in with much of the attitudes one sees from charismatics, middle-class mega-churchers with their douchey “Saved” t-shirts, faith healers, and televangelists & prosperity gospel hucksters. If he wasn’t so open about the sex & drugs, he’d fit right in…and the way that some religious circles are moving, even acting like Charlie Sheen is probably more acceptable than seeming gay, feminine, or overly-intellectual.

    Random thought- The very first thing that popped into my mind when I read this was an excerpt from a book of Kurt Vonnegut’s speeches, letters, and essays. I’m paraphrasing here, but there is a quote from a letter sent to a pastor who had asked him what he had against religion and christianity…I can’t remember the exact quote, but it more or less said that he had no problem with Jesus’ teachings and examples, the sermon on the mount, etc…remaining humble, helping those less fortunate than you, forgoing violence and vengeance and temptations of power for the sake of others…but what he really couldn’t stand was people(like most right-wing conservative preachers and politicians and much of their flocks) who saw christianity as a way to “win”.

  2. @ Jesse: I have read up on it. It’s the usual Christian attempt to usurp whatever happens to be popular at the moment to try and convert people. Nothing new there.

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