Falling victim to your own grenade spam.

One of the more annoying types of players in first person shooter games is the Grenade Spammer. The very first thing they do when they spawn is toss off any grenades they have in the general direction of where they think the enemy is in the hopes that they’ll randomly kill a player or two. It’s a strategy that fails more often than not, but it’s successful enough to keep people doing it. If you aren’t careful, however, you can have the grenade bounce off something and back at you.

That’s not what happens in this video. What happens instead is a one-in-a-million event that is only viewable thanks to the built-in game playback mode in Call of Duty: Black Ops. Check it:

While that’s an amazing way to blow yourself up in its own right, the other aspect that is equally amazing — to me at least — is the fact that the guy who designed the map took the time to model the chimney in a realistic fashion so that it’s possible for the grenade to fall down it and into the house. I wouldn’t have thought he’d have bothered because there’s no way in hell you could make that shot intentionally.

It also says something about the power of possibilities. The game itself tracks all sorts of details about what weapons you’ve used, how many deaths/kills you have, how many games won/lost, etc. and aggregates them all together. You can see how many millions of games have been played on various screens of the game while it’s loading. From the game’s launch in November to the start of February players had logged some 44,000 years of warfare (roughly equivalent to 161 World War IIs fought every day) with over 1 trillion shots fired. With all that activity the odds of something seemingly impossible happening, like the above video, actually become pretty good.

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