Elisabeth Sladen, actress who played Sarah Jane Smith on “Doctor Who”, passes away.

Well my afternoon just took a major downturn:

Elisabeth Sladen dies, aged 63 – Digital Spy

Elisabeth Sladen has passed away at the age of 63.

The actress is best known for portraying Sarah Jane Smith in Doctor Who and The Sarah Jane Adventures. The cause of death is not yet clear.

Just as Tom Baker was the Doctor that got me started on watching Doctor Who all those years ago, Sarah Jane Smith was the first companion I got to know. When she returned to reprise the role in the new series with David Tennant as The Doctor, it finally made the show feel like a real continuation for me. Not to mention it was great to see her take on the role in the Sarah Jane Adventures spin-off that was developed for her after her new series appearance.

I don’t normally get upset over the death of a celebrity, but I have a lot of fond memories from my childhood of watching The Doctor and Sarah as they traveled through time and space. So I’m feeling this one a bit more than usual.

Thanks for the great memories Sarah Jane.

Sarah Jane Smith and The Doctor

4 thoughts on “Elisabeth Sladen, actress who played Sarah Jane Smith on “Doctor Who”, passes away.

  1. I was just saying the same–she was my first Companion. Not only are my memories of her tied to the pure entertainment, but to being able to share something new and exotic (Since getting BBC was so rare then) with the adults in my life. And her Sarah Jane was an outspoken feminist, which was marvelous.

    She’ll be missed. A great deal.

  2. I have great memories of “Sarah Jane” alongside my Dr Who Tom Baker,my Dad also watched her alongside his Dr Who Jon Pertwee and it was fantastic seeing her alongside David Tennant who is my kids Dr Who,I also enjoyed watching Sarah Jane adventures with my children and I’m really not looking forward to breaking the news to my kids in the morning.RIP Elisabeth Slayden,you will be missed by generations x

  3. She was also my first, and I have to say that her appearance in the new show was one of my favorite episodes. Very sad. I think I’ll actually prioritize watching that episode over seeing the new episode.

  4. Comming form the age of only Dutch TV in the Netherlands, I could only watch the doctor at a nephews of mine. Elisabeth was just great, always screeming and shouting “Doctor!”, wondefull stuf. Don’t care about celebs, buts Sarah Jane/ Elisabeth Slayden will be dearly missed by me as a fan of the series.

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