Asshats steal woman’s credit card info and then sends her “thank you” flowers.

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u mad?

Imagine this: Some asshat gets hold of your credit card information and racks up a bunch of fraudulent charges. Then, after the bank calls to tell you that you’ve been victimized, there’s a knock on the door with a gift from the asshat:

According to the woman, Bank of America had called her to notify her that her card had automatically been canceled because of suspicious account activity. The bank told her that about $2,400 had been charged.

However, the woman added that the thieves had arranged for flowers to be delivered to her home address. The woman said the flowers contained a card that said, “thnx for ur money.”

via Narragansett Police Log: March 14 and 15, 2011 – Narragansett, RI Patch.

Was that really necessary? Isn’t it enough that you’ve already caused her some grief and hassle and possibly damaged her credit rating? Couldn’t you have withheld the temptation to taunt the poor lady? I mean, you have to be a bit of a bastard to steal someone’s credit card info to begin with, but this takes it to a whole new level of dickishness.

4 thoughts on “Asshats steal woman’s credit card info and then sends her “thank you” flowers.

  1. Ha ha, I would use it too just to bug the hell out of the reader that posted the comment to stop using it!! LOL!!

  2. In today’s “The Office” Dwight steals Jim credit after Jim reveals his info hoping to catch Dwight after he purchases something ridiculous. Dwight then proceeds to charge the card $200 on a bouquet of flowers…..for Jim’s wife from Jim. I thought the joke was Dwights stupidity, but realized that such an expense could actually be ingenious because it would be difficult to deny the purchase, and thus he actually cost Jim $200.

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