April Fools prank goes badly for local woman.

FacepalmI generally don’t care for commercial radio, but NPR has been on a Libya kick the past few days and I was, frankly, sick of hearing about it so today was one of those rare days that I voluntarily turned on a commercial station.

Just as I was pulling into a parking spot at work they had a lady call in about an April Fools prank she played on her husband that ended up backfiring on her. It seems her best friend is a lawyer so the two of them hatched a plan to present the lady’s husband with fake divorce papers as a joke for today. So the lawyer friend has the papers delivered to the husband at work and, naturally, he calls his wife to talk about it. The first words out of his mouth are “I’m glad you made the first move because I’ve felt this is a long time in coming.”


The wife doesn’t actually want a divorce and hasn’t told her husband yet that it was just meant as a joke. She and her lawyer friend are freaking out because they don’t know what to do. So, naturally, she turns to a major pop radio station morning crew for advice. I mean, if the local radio DJ can’t solve your marital problems then who can?

Yeah, I think I’ll go back to listening about Libya on the way home.

3 thoughts on “April Fools prank goes badly for local woman.

  1. He deserves better ! Screw her and her stupid sense of humor. Some of you may be too young to remember the Lucy Show. Lucy and Dezy Arnez. She was constantly pulling shit like this on him..I really believe programming like this and Bonanza and some others are to blame for framing the minds of people with natural low intelligence. People do not know when to draw the line between reality and showbiz horseshit. They make it part of their mentality in relationships. It usually goes sour. This looks like a perfect example.

  2. Damn! I love a good practical joke, and I’ve done a few that were a bit mean-spirited, but that’s just shitty. I mean, if they had the kind of relationship that included such humor(and I’ve known those that do) it wouldn’t be a big deal…but either they don’t haver that kind of relationship, or at least it’s not sure that they do. Oh well, dumbasses trash their own relationships all the time, and it might well be for the best.

    April Fools favorite…

    About 7 or 8 years ago, my SO and I were staying with her parents for a few weeks while we looked for an apartment of our own. We were talking about our options, and they did a good bit of complaining about the property management company that ran the apartments they lived in. Well-earned complaints, too, the company is crap. They’ll send a pay-or-quit notice if your rent is one day late, yet take sometimes months to fix anything that breaks. Anyway, her parents and sister went out on the evening of April 1st to do some shopping, and after getting such an earful about the landlords, I was inspired to get on their computer, check out some templates for eviction notices, print up a fake one and tape it to the door before they returned. The joke only lasted a minute or two before I started cracking up, but they were sold until then.

    I wish I had remembered this last night, and put up a few around our place…at out current apartment complex we’ve been getting some real “winners” as neighbors the last few months, whose wails and gnashing of teeth would be sweet to my ears, even if only for a little while. But the landlord is pretty cool, I’d hate to send a crowd of hysterical fools his way.

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