8-year-old pepper sprayed after threatening police with a sharp stick.

Every kid throws a temper tantrum now and then, but it sounds like second grader Aidan could use a few anger management classes:

According to the report, Aidan “was climbing the cart and spitting at teachers. He also broke wood trim off the walls and was trying to stab teachers with it.”

“I wanted to make something sharp if they came out because I was so mad at them,” Aidan said. “I was going to try to whack them with it.”

The report goes on to say Aidan, “was holding what looked like a sharpened one foot stick and he screamed, ‘Get away from me you f—ers.'”

Lakewood Police officers ordered the 8-year-old to “drop the stick.” When he refused, they sprayed him with pepper spray twice until he dropped the piece of wood and was handcuffed.

According to the police report, the boy was later treated on the scene for “a red, irritated face.”

His mom is upset because she thinks the pepper spray was excessive saying that the previous two times that the police had to show up at his school they were able to calm him down by talking to him. Based on the kid’s own statements it sounds like he had every intention of causing bodily harm if he could manage it and if he wasn’t calming down then pepper spray is probably a better alternative than shooting him.

Which, based on the following, is something that seems like a possibility in the future:

Aidan admitted he has problems controlling his anger.

“Just kind of like whenever anybody upsets me,” he said. “Like I just kind of want to tear them apart… I think it’s not ever going to go away… It’s just who I am.”

Yeah, that’s gonna be a nasty issue for him as he gets older unless his parents can get him the help he apparently needs. If not I foresee a short, but infamous career on reality television.

4 thoughts on “8-year-old pepper sprayed after threatening police with a sharp stick.

  1. Hmmm. Being pepper-sprayed is not going to improve this kid. But what will? Tough question.

  2. I think the mother needs professional help to if she can’t see the kid’s potential for hurting or even killing someone later!!!

  3. it’s the freak out kid! soon he will be on you-tube anally probing himself with a TV remote!

    The kid has severe mental problems to get THAT mad. I use to flip out when I was a kid but never at school and when I did it was cause I was being a spoiled brat! I got a switch belt to the behind and I calmed down real fast.Parents need to wack there psycho brats when they are misbehaving or they will get worse and become messed up adults!

  4. I’m of the psychological warfare school of discipline. In all my life, tough guys (from 8 to 28 to 80) are not curbed by pain. Pepper spray or a belt across the rear is a very fleeting deterrent at best. These guys are “TOUGH”. Physical punishment is a sign of machismo. It only triggers a greater urge to butt heads and challenge the alpha.

    Ah, but humiliation…that gets some results. Any such punk who is nothing but a balloon inflated by testosterone and pride cannot bear to be laughed at. The old sitting in the corner with the dunce cap sounds like the ticket to me. A couple of bullies in my youth bore the strap with cocky pride. But then we had a new teacher from England who could have been John Cleese’s cousin. His sarcastic, dry wit would tear strips off these thugs that left them quiescent for days.

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