Too Much Religion Will Make You Crazy: Thank God for the Japan Quake edition.

I really, really hope this is a Poe. I fear that it isn’t.

There seems to be some debate over whether TamTamPamela’s YouTube videos are sincere or some of the more convincing trolling you’ll see. Personally I’m not sure, but I’m leaning towards it being legit.

Especially given the outpouring of callous comments by many other people about the disaster in Japan. Two sites are documenting the ignorant asshats that have been celebrating Japan’s misfortune. First is Karma Japan and the other is Ignorant and Online. WARNING: Visiting either site is likely to crush any faith in humanity you might have.

10 thoughts on “Too Much Religion Will Make You Crazy: Thank God for the Japan Quake edition.

  1. About half way through I became bored with the hateful little cow, and started sodding about with the YouTube gadgets. I tried the subtitles, which appear to rely on some form of speech recognition. For “God answers prayers” it gave “God inserts rears”. Japan – Shafted by God.

    (Every one try it. I wonder if it always gives the same translation)

  2. She might be a troll. She might be a sociopath. She might just be “slow.” In any case, is her rant worth any normal person wasting any energy on?

  3. She’s definitely a troll (or Poe), she posts on a satirical forum called Landover Baptist. Her videos aren’t even very convincing, way too much mugging for the camera and comedic touches

  4. I couldn’t agree more that she is a hateful cow… sad thing is that I’m starting to see this show up all over the place on twitter, but the positive thing I think is that people are calling her hateful and i haven’t seen anyone who actually has agreed with her…..

    So I decided to watch the whole video with the subtitles there were several funny translations, and I also got the “God inserts rears” as well.

  5. I don’t need to watch the whole sorry act. I mean what a twatwaffle that one is. My suggestion is she put a plastic bag over her head and tape it shut. At least until she stops talking.

  6. Tamtampamela closed her account after putting up a video where she stated it was all a hoax to ‘piss people off… which was the whole point’. She said the reason she was coming clean is because she was tired of pizza. (People found out where she lived and were having pizzas delivered to her house.) No apology. Just ‘seeya!’ I don’t care if she was ‘just kidding’ or not. She belittled the suffering of every parent in Japan whose child was swept away in the water. She had no respect or regard for the pain and death the Japanese people are enduring. She should be made to go to Japan and help dig the dead out of the mud in repayment of her utter thoughtlessness. Let’s see if it’s still as funny then.

  7. I must say that I am relieved to find out for certain that she was pulling a Poe. If she wanted to piss people off she certainly accomplished that quite well. There’s a difference between satire and being a troll and I don’t think she knew what that difference was.

    Thanks for all the followups.

  8. Re Karma Japan and Ignorant Online. Would love say to these people “Was 9-11 karma for Wounded Knee?”

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