Too Much Faith Will Make You Crazy: Nantucket exorcism edition.

Yet another child falls victim to a delusional parent:

NANTUCKET (FOX 25 / – Police say a Nantucket woman accused of killing her 3-year-old daughter told a priest and hospital officials that God told her to push a rose down the girl’s throat to ward off the devil.

Documents filed in Nantucket District Court said 26-year-old Dora Alicia Tejada Pleitez said she realized that the “rose” was her fist and the devil bit her through the child.

via Nantucket child killed in exorcism by mom according to court docs.

I can’t begin to imagine the horror of having your mother try to shove her first down your throat because she thinks you have demons in you. What a way to go.

Authorities, needless to say, are planning on a competency hearing for the mother.

2 thoughts on “Too Much Faith Will Make You Crazy: Nantucket exorcism edition.

  1. Podling will be 3 in June. Whenever I hear stories like this about the parents and their kids-especially if they are the age of mine-I just get sick. I couldn’t imagine doing anything like this to Podling and she is demon spawn!

    jk, she isn’t really…well maybe she is…but we love her anyway.

  2. Granted this woman was probably insane before religion, but unlike in so many other areas, religion probably rewarded her initial signs as ‘holiness’ instead of mental illness.

    To make matters worse, I’m sure the event would recieve harsher treatment and more media attention if the woman claimed it was the aliens who made her do it instead of her invisible sky daddy.

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